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(iRacing) Team Up with iRacing to Support Josh Wise, Win VIP NASCAR Experience

Discussion in 'iRacing.com Motorsports Simulations' started by ShadowKnight508, May 28, 2014.

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  1. ShadowKnight508

    ShadowKnight508 Lt. Commish - SRD Pick' Em Series

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    (Put this thread in this forum for now, perhaps can be moved to iRacing forum later)

    Credit to iRacing:

    Pretty cool promotion. Not only do you help iRacing support Josh Wise, but you can win a VIP NASCAR Experience for ANY 2014 race (including the fall 'Dega race with the Dogecoin scheme back on the #98).
  2. jgegner

    jgegner Find New Roads

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    Thread moved to the iRacing.com Motorsport Simulations forum.

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  3. 4WideRacing

    4WideRacing Well-Known Member

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    That's cool, it would be a really good time to finally sign up for iracing if I had a good enough connection.
  4. rickyruddfan

    rickyruddfan Well-Known Member

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    Signed up with the code!! Lots of fun! Probably will only keep it the 3 months though.
  5. Gwen Cole

    Gwen Cole 93 Wins

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    We should use this as a chance to start a SRD League. Anyone interested?
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