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John McCain passes away at 81

Discussion in 'Politics/Religion' started by Junebugrocks88, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. Junebugrocks88

    Junebugrocks88 Well-Known Member

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  2. MattyO

    MattyO Well-Known Member Admin

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    That's a shame. I was always a big fan of Senator McCain. I would have loved to see him as our President. Unfortunately he ran into the Obama hype train and there was no way to overcome that.
    Always a class act, and a true patriot.
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  3. BrendonH12

    BrendonH12 Lover of Jesus! #CarolinaStrong

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    Absolutely shocked to hear this news... :( Senator McCain was a class act and one of the best there ever was. Welp, the world lost another good one... RIP Senator John McCain; you'll definitely be missed...
  4. Spike

    Spike Well-Known Member

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    Definitely a sad day for America. One of a kind Real American Hero. Too bad the orange clown in the Whitehouse couldn't pay him the respect he deserves and leave the flags at half staff @ the Whitehouse.
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  5. wslates

    wslates 1

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    Senator McCain was an American hero and a man that I think a lot of people on Capitol Hill could learn from. Didn't agree with him on everything, but I always respected him and knew he wanted what was best for the country. Great guy, he will be missed.
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