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Logitech G27 shifting: problems

Discussion in 'NR2003 General Discussion' started by Palenk, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. Palenk

    Palenk New Member

    Likes Received:
    Hi all,

    just got me a Logitech G27 to go along with my new PC. What a nice piece!

    Anyway, I made some tests with the shifter configuration and I can't get NR2003's H-pattern mode to properly work with the G27 shifter. The other Direct selection option is not satisfactory either.

    When in H-pattern mode: cranking the shifter into a gear will move the in-game shifter to that gear and back to neutral in a millisecond. In other words it's useless.

    When in Direct selection mode: when popping the G27 shifter out of gear, the in-game shifter does not go to neutral. It won't budge until you throw the "real" shifter back into (another) gear. Plus the in-game shifter acts kind of slowly almost everytime. For instance, say I'm in 4th gear and must shift down to go through a turn (or because I hit the wall coming out of turn 2...). I move the stick up from slot 4 to slot 3. When the move is complete, the in-game shifter first lags in neutral for a random amount of time, between 0 and .5 second, and only then goes to 3rd. This makes for uncomfortable oval-racing and totally impossible road racing. Toe-heel is already difficult enough when you can move hands and feet at the same time -- trying to compensate for a delay between both makes it impossible!


    I do use Wingman Profiler, but did not configure the shifter "buttons" (didn't even check if it was only possible to do so).

    Has anyone had similar problems? Did they solve them and how?
  2. Palenk

    Palenk New Member

    Likes Received:

    So no one has run into problems stick-shifting with a G27 in NR2003? I used to play with an ActLabs Force RS and gear switching and timing were perfect. I believe the same should be achieved with a device that's 10 years younger...

    People for whom everything runs good, maybe they can tell me about their setup?
  3. K.Chuck

    K.Chuck --Hijinxtattoo--

    Likes Received:
    I use H pattern on my g25 and g27, I dont ever remember running in to this issue. I will snap a screen shot of my control setup screen next time I turn it on.
  4. Palenk

    Palenk New Member

    Likes Received:
    Kewl. I'll be on the lookout for your reply! :D
  5. Firebird0209

    Firebird0209 Well-Known Member

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    I dont remember running into this issue either. Have you tried calibrating the shifter in the Logitech gaming software itself? Worth a shot.
  6. Clubsport

    Clubsport Member

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    Hey guys,
    I was running into the same problem these days and if someone will find this thread through the searching engines like I did, maybe I'm able to help him:

    When you are calibrating your H-shifter, you have to switch into the gear AND HOLD THE GEAR UNTIL YOU SAVED IT BY PRESSING "RETURN"!
    Do this for every gear seperately, do NOT switch into the gear and back to Neutral, before you pressed "Enter".
    Otherwise, even if it looked like calibrated correctly, the gears will jump out directly after you shifted into.

    I hope this will prevent some guys from spending hours in front of your computer, like I did. ;)

    Kind regards,

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