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Looking For A Weekend League

Discussion in 'Online Racing' started by Wade, Nov 10, 2013.

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  1. Wade

    Wade Active Member

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    Hi everyone,

    Just getting back into N2003 as my schedule just simply doesn't allow me to run iRacing at their usual times.

    I am looking for a weekend league. Can anyone point me in a direction? I am on the west coast but that doesn't matter much.

    Thanks in advance

  2. kirbyfighter12

    kirbyfighter12 Well-Known Member Banned

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    Try out Rolling Thunder Gaming
    Weekend racing Has LateModel Version 2 (Twin Tracks) 2 Races Back to Back same track same setup, We Run Arca Series on sunday Nights. (Soon to switch over to Big block late modifieds.
    But we run Races evrey day of the week.

    Mondays - Bare Bones Racing [Daytona or Talladega] NWS11_CTS
    Tuesdays- Whelen Modifieds -
    Wednesdays - Nationwide Nws11
    Thursday - Tally Rally [Talladega] Ncts_09
    Friday- Super Enduro Series - snsc70_gns
    Theres other things going on, but those are the ones I take part in.

    Our Daytona / Talladega Races we run green a-lot! 1 to 2 Green Flag stops.

    - Check it out
    #25 Chevrolet Driver
  3. bluedevil21

    bluedevil21 Well-Known Member

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  4. stevehobo

    stevehobo Well-Known Member

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    Hobo Racing runs on Sundays and Tuesdays.
    Hobo Racing
  5. rs500blake

    rs500blake Well-Known Member

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    Real hardcore racing

    Cup series on sundays
    Nationwide on tuesdays
    Trucks on thursdays
    Pro series (fixed set up pwf gns mod mainly on shortracks used by arca/k&n series in real life)
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