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MENCS17 Rendering Underside

Discussion in '3dsMax Help or Questions' started by wslates, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. wslates

    wslates 1

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    Using 3DS Max 2016 (Student Version). Imported the new MENCS17 body into one of the Mental Ray scenes I have, and it seems the underside materials are bleeding out to the actual paint. Happens in other scenes as well.

    The scene works with other mods - this is the only mod that seems to have an issue.

    Anyone have an idea how to solve it?


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  2. DaveO

    DaveO Well-Known Member

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    We've been having some issue's as well, with getting the scenes ready for the TMS rendering system. One particular issue was with the reflection map. Also try checking the hood underside, or removing that part.
  3. DERacing

    DERacing SRD's Resident Lunatic!

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    I am not sure why, though I do have an idea as to the cause, but if you set the material to a standard type instead of something MR would use such as Arch and Design or Physical, that seems to clear up that mess. At least in some of my MR scenes.

    Another thing that I have been looking at is the aspect ratio of the objects and the actual scales. The models appear to have been created using Metric instead of inch/foot. It is not at a true 1:1 scale which can be checked by the 110" wheelbase. I think this is a huge part of the issue, but still testing it.
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  4. NascarMan32

    NascarMan32 Well-Known Moron

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    Figured this out after a really long time, lol. What you have to do is select each part by the Material ID in order to select them accurately, and then you can use the Edit Poly mod to detach them from each other. You can then move each part of the car around to prevent this issue from happening. Make sure the selection mode is set to "Element" in order to do this.


    **Step 4 is to click the circled Select button.
    **Step 5 is to click Select By Material ID in the pop-up menu.

    Material ID's (for Toyota Camry SS version):
    1. body
    2. chassis & interior
    3. engine
    4. window net
    5. tires
    6. shark fins
    7. underbody
    8. windows

    As @DERacing said, the reason stuff like this is happening is that the Standard material is not very optimized for renders like this, but it is also because the underbody and the body are taking up the same space, causing mental ray to be confused as to which to render on top.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
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  5. Smoke OR

    Smoke OR Official Toad Hunter.

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    But alas if you just made the car body 2 sided would it not fix the bleed through?
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  6. NascarMan32

    NascarMan32 Well-Known Moron

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    The underside of the body is a different material than the top, so I'm pretty sure it wouldn't fix anything. Changing the underside to the Arch & Design material type and enabling "Backface Cull" in the material editor does help to an extent, but the material will still cast a shadow on the top of the car, unfortunately.

    I like to use the Bevel modifier to move all of the problem areas inwards on the underbody mesh. It doesn't completely fix it, but it gets most of it out of the way so I don't have to do as much manually.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
  7. Smoke OR

    Smoke OR Official Toad Hunter.

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    Delete the underside and make the outer body a 2 sided material. You make it 2 sided so the inside will not look transparent. I guarantee it will fix it.
  8. Reza Maulana

    Reza Maulana SRD's Resident Indonesian & Truck Series Statman

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    Wait a second, looks like this thread can help me with the rendering issues I had in my Help thread since I got the same issues (underside clipping) with my MENCS mod render attempts. Although I should point out that a. I'm using MENCS18 mod, not MENCS17 and b. I'm using 3DS Max 2019 Student Edition...

    So after looking the tutorial pic to fix the underside issue that @NascarMan32 posted here and comparing it with the ones that I have to work with (Carbine had posted two tutorial pics on my Help thread, but the pics' were errors when I viewed it; it says "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action." according to SRD's Attachment Error page of the pic), I found out that my 3DS does... peculiar things on the modifier tab:
    Modifier Panel Square Box Help V2.jpg
    Carbine had suggested me to hide all parts except the body and then rotate the view but not the body. I got that sorted out, but when it comes to the Modifiers... things get tricky.

    In number 1, you can see that I have already been on the Modifier tab. However, in number 2, the name of the viewed body/object doesn't appear (it should have read "toyota18_body", judging by how "toyota18_bodySS" appeared on NascarMan32's tutorial pic). And then in number 3, when I clicked the modifier list, none of the modifiers appeared.

    Now I don't know if this is due to compatibility issues since NascarMan32's got the 2017 version while I had the 2019 version (I don't know what version the initial MENCS18 render file is, but I assume its between the 2017/2018 version), but if you guys know a way to fix the Modifier tab issue, let me know.

    EDIT: Never mind, turns out I was able to find the problem/what went wrong on my own.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
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