NASCAR 2011 rFactor Mod released!***

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Mustang, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. Mustang

    Mustang #11 Hamlin

    Title says it folks... I am just linking you to the mod and dont want any credit! Give it to the guys at VHR!!!

    It includes moda such as:

    The new nationwide.

    The new sprint cup car.

    And others...

    As well as there own carviewer for there own mod! Which is pretty cool!

    There are also templates!

    :: Welcome To VHR Stockcar® | Sim Racing Series ::.
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  2. Numbers

    Numbers New Member

    im pretty sure that the VHR rfactor mod is a touchy subejct here.
  3. Mustang

    Mustang #11 Hamlin

    naa i was just letting people now its out ;)

    but it is a bit a crappy mod, the tracks are to laggy and are not textured and some of the stuff really needs adjusting. But i guess thats what patches are for ;)

    out of 10 so far..... 7/10, i only got this for the nationwide mod but now im just gonna wait for the nr2003 version of it...

    the memory is alot like the 2010 version, 914MB (possibly more)..

    i say download it for the Nationwide mod until its released on Nr2003 then delete the rfactor one....
  4. Josh Mertz

    Josh Mertz #UnboltTheBull

    VHR is a very touchy subject not only here but all rF sites in general.
  5. Smoke OR

    Smoke OR Well-Known Member

    Well touchy yes. Atleast this time he did buy some models although hes still using stolen truck models. Now I'm not promising anything cuz well that would be silly but watch the SCE site. Today could be what you have been waiting for. :):):):) Oh and it will have new trucks and the 4 make front ends on the cup cars as well as the nws. LOL and the models wont look like the stay puff marshmallow man got ahold of it.
  6. Wildling

    Wildling Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Dude, this is exactly the attitude that got Rioux's gang (including you) in hot water with the rest of the community. The poking fun and making fun of other peoples work.

    It ain't cool bro.

    I'm not defending VHR, lord knows he has done some crappy things.

    But damn it, I'm not having it anymore.

    Don't make the same mistakes again in the rfactor community.
  7. Mustang

    Mustang #11 Hamlin

    LOL Matt!

    VHR did a good job on the mods it's the tracks that are a let down.... And the fact that your only allowed to drive the VHR tracks with the mods is a let down! If I was a fat kid this mod would not be my choice of cake..
  8. moppenheimer

    moppenheimer #Murica

    You can just edit the .rfm to allow all tracks...Its one line of text
  9. Smoke OR

    Smoke OR Well-Known Member

    LOl I thought the water was fine. If what i said offended you Matt my apologies sir.:notworthy:
  10. JRod

    JRod New Member

  11. bpeachee

    bpeachee New Member

    Well.... At least its something... At least he got this mod out before the Daytona 500..
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  12. PepsiRacer4

    PepsiRacer4 The One and Only

    And the shots have been fired.
  13. Baseball7

    Baseball7 Member

    ^agreed hah. Good thing I didn't start any of it!
  14. PepsiRacer4

    PepsiRacer4 The One and Only

    I keep trying to start the d/l hut it either does something with iTunes and/or something about 16-bit program not working shiz.
  15. Burnout

    Burnout New Member

    I see the chump still hasn't removed my objects from VHR after asking multiple times. With that factored in, I have to say VHR is still a damn rip-off.
  16. Daniel Gomez

    Daniel Gomez New Member

    they say some good stuff makes you wait

    idk :)
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