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NASCAR Heat 3 Discussion

Discussion in 'NASCAR Heat Evolution' started by RacerXero84, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. USSTalladega

    USSTalladega Cruising at Warp 9

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    IRacing would obviously never allow anybody to make a true Nascar sim so I don't know why people still have such unrealistic expectations.
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  2. MrDude68

    MrDude68 Occasional Backwards Driver

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    Why not? It can certainly be done without the NR2003/iRacing source code. Somebody could do it if they wanted to... But I agree that it probably won't happen anyway
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  3. RacerXero84

    RacerXero84 Obnoxious old fart

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    Got a buddy who actually races dirt super late models down here, and with this setup (which is faster), he says it feels "real close to the 602 crate late models"... says it's also a helluva lot closer than iRacing's version, which "feels like ice".
    It's a tweaked version from the one floating around on the net, as I found the originals gears to be quite crappy, but the Rear End Ratio will need to be tweaked for each track.
  4. bvc

    bvc Bo Abraham: Remember the GOAT

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    Monster really knocked it out of the park this year with the fantastic dirt racing and improved career mode. The game's still not perfect, there's still a lot of things to fix and clean up. But this is the first NASCAR game in a while that I feel like I've gotten my money's worth.

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