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NGOTS In Another Dimension

Discussion in 'Showroom' started by burtonbraves, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Well hello again everybody! I'm back again working on my next project! I did this set for the 2017 season and now I'm going to be updating it to the 2018 roster and specs. As with the MENCS set I recently completed, some of the schemes and drivers will be the same, but there will also be brand new schemes, sponsors, teams, and drivers. Credits for this set go to; Om3ga, Bill Anderson, BER, Nick Baker, Alan H., SRD, Masgrafx, Google, and more.

    First up we have the #27 Unsponsored Dodge Ram of Derrick McElroy. McElroy is a 29 year old who hails from Annapolis, MD. He runs for High Tide Motorsports out of Charleston, SC. The Maryland native has never been known as a front runner by any sense of the word. When his sponsors backed out during the season last year, he's still out on the track doing what he can. He rarely finishes in the top 25, but he still enjoys what he does.

    Next up we have the #36 Toyota Tundra of Marc Adrizzmo. Adrizzmo resides in Venice, Italy over the offseason, but stays in Asheville, NC during the racing season. He is a 31 year old who loves everything about racing. He knows the ins and outs of the car (truck) and often is seen working on his own truck. He's running for his own team, Adrizzmo Motorsports, and just over the offseason secured a deal to have an alliance with Cup team Weatherton Motorsports (#61, #97 in Cup). He finished 32nd in points last year, but he did a good job of keeping his equipment in tact and he also scored 3 top 10s. He hopes to improve this season with the new alliance, as well as the addition of a solid teammate.

    Sunbelt Rentals will return to sponsor the #36 in 23 of the 30 events this year.

    Brawny Paper Towels has upped their sponsorship a bit this season, as they will now cover 5 races for the Italy native.

    And also sponsoring the #36 Toyota this year will be Central Transport. They will be on the truck for 2 races this season.

    Well, thanks everyone for looking! Stay tuned as usual for more!
  2. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Hey guys! Been a few weeks but that doesn't mean I've totally been slacking on this! Got a bunch more done now to show off!

    First up we have the #91 truck of Mack Bridges, a 39 year old from Sioux Falls, SD. Bridges runs for Draimond Racing and has been around the sport for a while now. Last season he had a pretty good showing, but very inconsistent overall. He won 2 races, with 10 top 5s and led the 3rd most laps behind the top 2 in the standings, but finished back in 20th in points. Although he ran well often, including scoring a season high 6 poles, he also ran into a lot of bad luck resulting in 11 DNFs. He's hoping to have a more consistent season in 2018, and they are excited entering the year knowing they have the speed, but just need some better luck.

    eTrailer.com returns to the #91 Chevy this year, covering 23 races.

    Next up we have the 26 year old Jeff Hensley, from Charlotte, NC. He drives for his own team NC Racing, and right now only has 8 races slated for the 2018 season. Heading into 2017, he had a full time sponsor and was expected to make a run for the title, but after about 8 races of poor performance, his major sponsor Zaxby's pulled out and he was left unsponsored for the remainder of the season. He ended up 34th in points and is hoping to make a good impression to start 2018 to maybe have a better year.

    Big Red Soda will be on the #18 Dodge for the first 8 events of the season, pending performance.

    Next we have the first driver for Travis Motorsports out of Charlotte, NC. This team is owned and operated by Cup veteran Mark Travis (drives the #32). Pete Trachsel is a 28 year old from Charleston, WV, and the older brother of last year's Champion Adam Trachsel, who now drives in the Cup series in the #5 car. After watching his younger brother light it up all season, Pete did what he could with his lesser funded team to compete. He wasn't bad by any means, finishing 18th in the points. He scored a pole, a win, and 6 top 5s throughout the season. After his team Get Up N' Go Racing partnered up with Travis Motorsports for the 2018 season, they are all hoping to have an even better season. Obviously the Trachsel family has talent, and this will probably be the best opportunity for Pete to show what he's got.

    Get N' Go will return to sponsor the #56 Chevy in 23 races this year.

    Next up we have a guy who exceeded a lot of expectations last season, running for his own underfunded team. Matt Peterson is a 20 year old from Toledo, OH. He began the 2017 season mostly unsponsored, and after a few races, a lot of people noticed the solid performances he was putting up. He attracted a few sponsors that allowed him to compete at that level throughout the year. He finished 19th in the standings with 4 top 5s and 10 top 10 finishes, often being a threat on the short tracks. Peterson has paired up with another 2 underfunded Ford teams for the 2018 season, to form Winston-Peterson Racing, and they will field 3 Ford trucks out of Charlotte, NC. This team has an alliance with Cup powerhouse Great American Racing.

    He will run another 12 races unsponsored this year, with Whelen continuing their minor support on the #29 truck. Later on he will reveal the other 4 schemes he will run this year, showing off the new sponsors he has gained over the offseason with the merger.

    Next we have another driver who had a a poor 2017 season, but over the offseason has made a lot of changes to be able to run competitively. Axel Messier is a 26 year old from Hartford, CT, and runs for his own team Messier Racing. He drives the #42 Chevy and ran the 2017 season totally unsponsored. He finished last in the points and was just absolutely unable to catch a break, until the season ended that is. He's made a lot of friends in the garage area over the past couple years, including the owner of Cup team Harrison Motorsports. They were able to work out a deal where Harrison would provide Messier with facilities, crews, and even engines. With the new alliance he was able to attract sponsorship for the majority of the season. The good thing for Messier is, well, the only way to go is up. We're not really sure what to expect from the driver of the #42 truck, as we've always seen him in less than great equipment, but in 2018 we will get to find out for sure.

    Berne Workwear will sponsor the #42 truck in 21 races this season.
  3. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Next up we have the second truck for the newly formed Winston-Peterson Racing. Pratt Winston is a 31 year old from Seattle, WA, and has a very large and devoted fan base, especially for a trucker. He ran the majority of last season unsponsored, until his fan base started up an Indiegogo for him and raised over $100,000 to run even more competitively. He finished 14th in the standings after a very consistent season, he racked up a pole, 5 top 5s, and 8 top 10s. He's attracted even more sponsorship, especially with the formation of the new team. Winston is looking forward to the new year, as he thinks this is by far the best year he will have in his career.

    Life Storage has stepped up to the #48 Ford this season, and will sponsor 15 races for the Seattle native.

    Here we have a guy who a lot of people expected to have a better season in 2017. Jack Dunstan is a 21 year old from Dayton, OH, and drives for his family owned team Dunstan Racing based out of Columbus, OH. He ran well in a lot of races, but had a lot of issues on pit road throughout the year, which didn't allow him to stay as competitive as he would have hoped. He finished just outside the top 20 in points, with 4 top 5s and 8 top 10s. Dunstan Racing has formed an alliance this year with Cup powerhouse Snyder-Martinez Racing, and will serve as a development team for them as well. They will also run a 2nd part time truck for a SMR development driver later in the season. Dunstan is hoping to prove what he's worth now that he has some more consistent equipment and personnel.

    With the alliance from SMR, Dunstan unfortunately had to find a new sponsor since Interstate Batteries was considered a competitor to some of SMR's partners. Fortunately, they were able to find a solid replacement for 20 races this year, in Cathay Pacific Cargo.

    Next we have a guy who also runs for his own team out of Asheville, NC. Timothy Lane is a 22 year old and drives for Fast Lane Motorsports. They currently don't have any alliances with any major teams, but still run solid enough to sustain their sponsorship for the year. He finished 24th in points last year, with 2 top 5s and 6 top 10s. With the addition of a couple extra sponsors over the offseason, Lane is hoping to improve on his results a little bit in 2018.

    His primary sponsor from 2017 will return again this year. Costa Coffee will be on the #10 Toyota for 24 races this season.

    Here we have the first driver for newly partnered up McCarrington-Donahue Racing from Atlanta, GA. Julian McCarrington and his family team field Fords in all 3 major series, and have teamed up with Donahue Motorsports for this year. Jamey Donahue is a 24 year old from Atlanta, GA, and runs the #99 Ford. Donahue usually runs under the radar, and often keeps his nose clean. He scored 1 top 10 last year and is hoping to have a better season with his newly aligned team as well as a new sponsor.

    EverFi will join the #99 truck as primary in 26 races this year.
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  4. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Next up we have a brand new driver to the NCWTS in 2018. Carson Fitzpatrick is a 22 year old from Tyler, TX, and will run part time for Indianapolis based team Midwest Motorsports. Right now he has 12 races scheduled, and potentially more if he runs well enough. Fitzpatrick runs throughout the southwest on whatever tracks he can find, and usually does a pretty good job, and even more important, keeps his nose clean. He's looking forward to making his Nascar debut this season, and hopes to turn some heads in hopes to run full time next year.

    Keytruda will sponsor 7 of the races the #06 Toyota will run this year.

    Next we have the first driver for Denver, CO based team Platinum Motorsports. This team started out last season with some pretty poor results, but they stuck with it and really started to turn things around towards the end of the year. Evan Sanchez drives the #54 Dodge, and he's a 26 year old from Fort Worth, TX. He scored 2 top 5s last year along with 6 top 10s, most of which came in the last few races of the season. Both Dodge teammates really picked it up at the end of the year, and are riding a lot of momentum heading into 2018. They look to compete even more so this year, and have good results all year long.

    PTC Software will return to the #54 truck this year, and will cover all of the races while also having their Vuforia Augmented Reality software showcased on the truck.

    Next we have another one of the top contenders for the title this year. Abby Sinclair runs for her family team Sinclair Speedworks, and she is a 23 year old from Roanoke, VA. She had a solid 2017 season, scoring 2 poles, 4 wins, 6 top 5s, and 12 top 10s. She didn't fare as well in the points, finishing in 13th in the standings. She's hoping for even better results this year, and plans to really make a run at the title.

    NTN Bearings returns to the #74 Dodge this season, covering 24 of the races this year.

    And lastly for this update, we have the #89 Chevy of Spencer Graham. He's a 27 year old from San Francisco, CA, and ran for Golden Gate Motorsports in 2017. Over the offseason, they teamed up with other California team Interscope Racing, who also runs a Cup car with the #25. Graham had an okay 2017 season, he finished 25th in the standings with 4 top 5s and 9 top 10s. He even scored an impressive fuel mileage win at Talladega, stretching his fuel almost 10 laps past the estimated fuel window. With the new alliance, Graham is hoping to have a much improved season entering his 2nd full time campaign.

    Optimizely will return to the #89 truck and will cover 16 of the races this year for the California kid.

    Well, that's all for now! Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more soon!
  5. BrendonH12

    BrendonH12 Lover of Jesus! #CarolinaStrong Moderator

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    Love the colors on that #21 truck! And that #48 just reminds of an old BKR scheme! Great work, @burtonbraves!
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  6. pomcat

    pomcat Well-Known Member

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    Another great bunch Dale, really good job on the 42.
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  7. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Thanks guys! @BrendonH12 if you look closely on the #06 truck you'll see a logo that will make an appearance later on :)

    First up we have a guy who was supposed to make his season debut last year, but only ran a handful of races in preparation for this season. Lyle Dillon is an 18 year old from Monroe, LA. He is the younger brother of Cup driver Shane Dillon, who also drives the #97 Toyota. Lyle drives for Adrizzmo Motorsports as a teammate to the #36 truck, and this team has a strong partnership from Cup team Weatherton Motorsports. Lyle has often fared better than his older brother, so we expect some big things from the Louisiana native in his first full time campaign.

    Family company Dillon Transportation will sponsor the #97 truck in 28 races this year.

    Next up we have the third entry for Winston-Peterson Racing, the "super-team" of relatively underfunded Ford trucks. Scott Matthews is a truck veteran, as the 42 year old from Atlanta looks forward to the new season, he thinks this might be his best season yet. He had a solid 2017, scoring 3 top 5s and 10 top 10 finishes. With some additional sponsorship and the new team partnership, the veteran trucker should be fun to watch this season, trying to school some of those young guns.

    Phoenix Construction partners in association with Owens Corning will return to cover 28 of the races for the #79 Ford.

    Here we have another rookie for the 2018 season who ran a part time schedule last year. 18 year old Austin Lepchesky from Renton, WA is prepared to make a go of it here for Revved Up Racing. He will drive the #93 Toyota and is expected to make a big splash this season.

    Paccar will cover 24 of the races for Lepchesky this year.

    Next we have the second entry for Travis Motorsports this year in Cole Austin, the 22 year old from Hickory, NC. Austin has known team owner Mark Travis almost all his life, and that along with his driving ability earned him a shot in one of his trucks. Cole had an exceptional 2017 season, and even though it was slightly overshadowed by the Lightning Motorsports trucks, he still scored 3 wins, 9 top 5s, and 20 top 10s en route to a 4th place finish in the standings. Back for more this year, he hopes to improve on that just a little bit, and hopes to prove himself even further and possibly get himself a ride in a higher series. We'll have to see what happens, but entering his second year, the sky might just be the limit for this kid.

    Autotrader returns to the #83 Chevy for 24 races this year.

    And lastly for this small update, we have the 23 year old from Falmouth, ME. Mariah Anderson drives for New England Motorsports and had a fantastic season last year. She finished third in points with 2 wins, 11 top 5s, and 20 top 10s. She made a big splash last year and is expected to perform as well, if not even better heading into the new season. Look for this Dodge to be up front a lot, and pull into victory lane at least a few times this year.

    Slim Jim returns to cover every race this year, this time with a new look for the #71 Dodge Ram.
  8. EarnhardtFan

    EarnhardtFan Residential Twitch Addict

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    I've always loved your work man, and the little stories are always super fun to just binge-read. Amazing work!
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  9. BrendonH12

    BrendonH12 Lover of Jesus! #CarolinaStrong Moderator

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  10. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Some more finished up last night! We are getting closer :)

    First up we have a part-time driver who ran full time in 2017, but after some mediocre results struggled to put together a full seasons worth of races over the offseason. Nicholas Marks is a 33 year old from Frankfurt, KY, and didn't have the best 2017 season running for his own team. He finished 30th in points with only 2 top 10s. They expected a lot more out of the year, and unfortunately lost the majority of their sponsorship. His team, Marksman Motorsports, which fielded the #02 and the #22 last year, have teamed up with Revved Up Racing for this season. Although he only has 6 races put together right now, he's hoping to bounce back in the limited opportunities he has.

    EDIT AS OF 4/23/18. Nicholas Marks is off to a pretty great start in the #02 truck, and his team and his sponsors have decided to stay on board the whole year.

    Praxair hasn't totally abandoned the #02 truck, as they will return for a preliminary 4 races this year.

    Next we have another guy running for his own team, without any major affiliations to speak of. Ryan Allen is a 24 year old from Minneapolis, MN and had a solid 2017 season. He finished 17th in the standings with 4 top 5s, and 9 top 10s. Pretty good stuff from the one truck Chevy team, and they are excited to come back again this season looking for more. Allen had a teammate last season, but after a really poor season with a lot of torn up trucks, they've decided to go their separate ways.

    SlingTV returns to the #95 truck for 22 races this year.

    Here we have another driver who had a disappointing 2017, but is really hoping that with a little more experience, he can have some better results. Tyler Cowan is a 21 year old from Baltimore, MD, and drives for Baltimore Racing. They field 2 full time Ford trucks and have expanded their program a bit over the offseason. With the addition of some new staff and a different engine supplier, the Maryland based team is hoping for some better results in 2018. Cowan finished 33rd in points last season with only 1 top 10.

    Cowan's family's company Cowan Systems will be on the #7 truck for 28 races this year.

    Next we have the first truck for the Coca Cola Racing Family. 22 year old Drake Malcom from Phoenix, AZ is really excited to get his second full time season underway. He had a solid 2017, finishing 12th in the standings, just behind his teammate. He had 6 top 5s, and 14 top 10s over the course of the season, and really began to pick it up at the end of the season. Hoping to really come into his own in 2018, the driver of the #17 is confident he can make a run for the title this year.

    Diet Coke will again cover 22 races this year.
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  11. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Next up we have a guy who had a really solid 2017 season running for Long Haul Racing. Elliott Winowich is a 22 year old from Richmond, IN, and turned a lot of heads last year. He came into the season with no expectations whatsoever, and still managed to exceed them. He finished 7th in points, but he racked up 2 poles, 3 wins, 7 top 5s, and 14 top 10s. He led nearly 300 laps as well over the course of the year. With the addition of a new sponsor for the season, Winowich is looking for even better results this year in his run for the 2018 Championship.

    Tyco Brands will be on the #60 truck this year for 25 races.

    Here we have the second driver for Platinum Motorsports, and another guy who really started to pick it up at the end of last year. 22 year old Tucker Mathis from Atlanta didn't have a good season by traditional standards. He finished 39th in the standings with an abysmal 12 DNFs, but in the last 10 races or so, he started to pick up some top 25 finishes. In the final 5 races of the year, he was running top 20 on a few occasions, so even though they had a horrible season, they showed progression, like their teammate at the end of the year. Mathis hopes to continue that progression this year and have some better finishes.

    Dollar General wasn't thrilled with the performance last year, but agreed to sign on for one more season after seeing the improvements the team made at the end of the year. They will be on the #45 Dodge for 28 total races this year.

    Next we have the second full time driver for the Coca Cola Racing Family. 19 year old Hayley Zaffrano from Erie, PA had a great 2017 season. She showed a ton of improvement over the year, finishing 10th in the standings. Although she only had 3 top 5s and 8 top 10s, she scored a dominating victory and ran right around the edge of the top 10 all season long. Enough to get her that top 10 finish in the standings. She's expecting to improve her results as well this year, as she will be in fierce competition with her teammate for a possible seat in either the Xfinity Series, or even the Cup Series. Hoping to impress even further, the Pennsylvania native is looking forward to the new season.

    Dasani will return to the #11 Chevy for 26 races with a very familiar look.

    And lastly for this update, we have the first full time Toyota for Midwest Motorsports. Leah Martinez, a 27 year old from Chicago, IL absolutely loves racing. She isn't as consistent as she may hope, but she showed a few flashes of brilliance last season. She finished down in 28th in the standings, but she did score a win, along with 2 top 5s and 5 top 10s. With the improvements made to Midwest Motorsports over the offseason, Martinez is looking to improve on her results this season entering her second full time campaign.

    Northern Trust will return to the #34 truck for 18 races this season.

    That's all for now, thanks for looking!
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  12. j.j_yeley

    j.j_yeley Well-Known Member

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    Amazing fictionals as always!
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  13. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Hey everyone! Its been a couple weeks since I've posted here but that doesn't mean I haven't been working on it! Primaries are actually 100% complete, and I'm gonna give the rundown on these a bit quicker than normal! Will post the basic information and the results from last year if applicable.

    First up we have the #25 truck for Interscope Racing. Phillip Purpura Jr. was announced earlier this year that he would be running full time in the Nascar Rheem Pro Series, and today we are happy to announce that he will also run for rookie of the year in the Nascar Camping World Truck Series. Purpura is a 19 year old from Upland, CA and is the son of Cup driver and team owner Phil Purpura. The California native looks to have a strong rookie season, as this truck had a solid 2017 season. It recorded 3 poles, 1 win, 6 top 5s, and 14 top 10s.

    He will be sponsored by Chuze Fitness/Bodybuilding.com for 24 races this season in the #25 Chevy.

    Next up we have #14 Dodge of JP Burnett, a 20 year old from Syracuse, NY. He drives for Pepsico Motorsports. Burnett is looking for an improved 2018 season after his rookie campaign. Now that the team is stronger as well, we will have to see how it goes for this team. Last year he scored 1 top 5 and 6 top 10s.

    Mountain Dew will be on the #14 truck for the full season, with this scheme running in 22 races.

    Next we have the 19 year old from Denver, CO. Holden Collins is one of the most promising young talents in the sport today, and hopes to have another successful season after his strong 2017 year. He scored 2 wins, 13 top 5s, and 18 top 10s last season as well as 4 poles. He finished top 5 in points and is hoping to follow that up this year in hopes to continue to advance through the ranks.

    Weber Grills return to the #63 Ford this year for a total of 25 races.

    Here we have a guy who had a really rough rookie season for a top tier team, but is getting one more chance due to the support from his team and sponsors. Ross Mitchell is a 27 year old from Albany, NY and drives the #39 Toyota for Revved Up Racing. Mitchell didn't have the best of seasons, with 3 top 5s and 10 top 10s, and finishing outside the top 20 in points. He did score a win though, which was by far the brightest spot of his 2017 season. He is a short track racer at heart and hopes to prove himself this year so he can solidify his career path.

    Angry Orchard will be on the #39 truck for 26 total races this year, with the Crisp Apple scheme being run in 24 of those races.

    Here we have one of the backmarker teams, with very little sponsorship the #66 does what he can with the little he has. Kevin Donahue is a 34 year old from Atlanta, GA and is the older brother of Jamey, who drives the #99 truck. Kevin lost his primary sponsorship midway through last season, and has been riding around since hoping to help his teammate continue to compete. He drives for the newly aligned McCarrington-Donahue Racing and although they don't really have any sponsors, they hope the bright neon colors and potential solid results will help attract a sponsor to the #66 truck.
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  14. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Next up we have the second entry for New England Motorsports. The #51 Dodge is driven by 25 year old Eric Osbourne, from Dover, NH. Osbourne had a really solid 2017 season, where he finished top 10 in points. He scored a pole, 1 win, and had 7 top 5s and 13 top 10s. He hopes to follow that up with another solid season for the small two truck team out of New England.

    Tic Tac will return to sponsor 26 races this season.

    Here we have the first truck for Philadelphia's Bridgemont Racing. Mark DePaul is one of the "veterans" of the series, having races in it a few years now. The 32 year old from Philadelphia had a strong 2017 season for his 2 truck team. He finished 16th in points with 4 top 5s and 13 top 10s. He also picked up 2 poles and is looking forward to the new season, looking to improve on his results a bit.

    Next we have another guy who will be making a part time go of it in 2018. Jason Monahan is a well known racer is all of the series in Nascar. He runs in Cup, NRPS, as well as the Truck Series. He ran full time last year and had a strong season. He racked up 2 poles, 2 wins, and 7 top 5s with 11 top 10s. He is running 12 races for his own team Midwest Motorsports, and hopes to sell the rest of the races for whatever sponsor or driver might want to come aboard.

    His longtime sponsor Brandeis Machinery will be on the #26 truck for all 12 of his races this year.

    Next we have the second truck for Bridgemont Racing, the #15 truck of Justin Spinoza. Spinoza is a 23 year old from Topeka, KS, and is thought to have a lot of talent on the pavement. Unfortunately for him, 2017 did not go at all like he or the team wanted. He finished back in 36th in points with only 1 top 5 and 3 top 10s. The staggering thing though about Spinoza, is he was plagued by some of the worst luck ever seen in a Nascar season. He had a sickening 13 DNFs, which included many crashes, engines failures, and other miscellaneous parts failures. Knowing that it can't get much worse than that, he returns this year to try and at least salvage his tenure in the truck series.

    He will have Zesto Pizza on the truck again this season, but the team chose to leave the truck without a scheme for now, as they didn't want to spend the time and money wrapping it as much as they did last year.

    Here we have a rookie driver out of Farmington, UT. 21 year old Connor Hannigan is going to be running for rookie of the year and the title for newly formed Salt Lake Racing. This team bought out most of the assets from Lightning Motorsports, the Toyota team that blew the competition away last season. The trucks finished 1-2 in points and had a total of 9 wins last year. They are expected to be very strong this year, as they also use a lot of Lightning Motorsports' crew members and facilities when they are on the east coast.

    Hannigan will run the #9 Toyota this year, and will be sponsored primarily by Genesys for 22 races.
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  15. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Here we have the second truck for Baltimore Racing. David Moore is a 33 year old from Bakersfield, CA. He didn't have the best of years last year, but is expected to continue his late season momentum into this year with the restructuring of the whole #77 team. Although he finished 37th in points with only 1 top 5, he's confident things will turn around over the offseason.

    Moore will run a similar #77 scheme this year for primary sponsor Grime Boss. This scheme will run in 20 races.

    Next we have the 4th full time entry for Revved Up Racing. Last year, Brett Parsons finished 15th in points with a win and 14 top 10s. He will move up to the Xfinity Series next season following the opening of one of their Camrys. That means the #22 truck that ran for Marksman Motorsports last year (as well as the #02) is vacant for 2018. Over the offseason Revved Up acquired the Marksman teams and will now run them under their banner. Looking for a driver who hopefully had a sponsor to follow along with them, they looked around the country for any promising young stars. They found 23 year old Jared Novak, from Lawrence, KS. Novak is a dirt tracker at heart, but has had a little experience on pavement. This year will be a learning experience for sure, but the team is looking to support the young rookie as he makes the transition to the truck series.

    Novak will be sponsored by Modern Group this year for 22 races. They will advertise their supported brands on the #22 truck as well.

    Next we have the second full time entry for Salt Lake Racing. 27 year old Dylan Vaughan from Salt Lake City, UT has been noted as one of the best racers in the west. Since this is the #5 truck from last year, he is expected to run similar to the way that Champion winning truck ran last year. Definitely one of the major stories to watch this year as we will see how the rookie will fare in 2018.

    The #4 truck will be sponsored by Vivint Smart Home in 23 races this year.

    Next up we have another part timer in the series. Julian McCarrington is a 23 year old from Atlanta, and has been racing Cup, Xfinity, and Trucks the past couple years. He did a great job last year in the #05 truck, scoring 3 poles, 12 top 5s, and 17 top 10s. Looking for another solid go of it this year, he will be behind the wheel in 12 races this year.

    Traqgear will again be on the #05 Ford this year for all 12 of its scheduled races.

    And lastly for this update, we have a rookie who will make 8 starts this year. Dallas Lambert is an 18 year old from Mayfield, KY and runs full time this year in the Rheem Pro Series for Snyder-Martinez Racing. In his few starts this year, he will drive the #80 truck for Dunstan Racing, who is heavily aligned with the Cup powerhouse. We will have to see how the 18 year old does in his limited starts this year, as not much is known about what to expect from Lambert.

    Local company to his hometown of Mayfield, Chili Motors will sponsor the #80 Chevy in 4 of his races this year.

    Well, that's all for now! I have a bunch of alternate schemes already painted up and will post them soon! Thanks for looking as usual and keep watch for more!
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  16. garrett1127

    garrett1127 Well-Known Member

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    Great work Dale, shame some of the real race teams hasn't picked you up to do their schemes, most of your's look way better than what they have now.
  17. burtonbraves

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    ^Thanks man, that means a lot! Luckily for now I'm having a ton of fun doing all these, so if someone were to ever pick one up to actually use for the sponsor that would just be gravy.

    Here is the first batch of secondary schemes!

    Realtree returns to the #29 Ford of Matt Peterson for 12 races this year, using the same scheme from last season.

    Axel Messier in the #42 truck has picked up primary sponsorship from Blackstone Products for 6 races this year.

    Tucker Mathis, with his improved performance so far this year will run this Mopar colored scheme in 10 races.

    Jack Dunstan in the #21 truck will drive the Best Buy Chevy in 7 races this year, as they return with a few additional races.

    And lastly, Micah Kuback, driver of the #87 Toyota in the Cup Series, returns to the Truck series for 8 events this season. He will run the same Lendingtree scheme he ran last year with the same #87 he used as well. After winning 6 races last year, he looks to add on to that racing for Revved Up Racing.
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    Excellent job capturing all the unique aspects of each sponsor and doing it in an elegant and professional way!
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    ^Thank you very much! I'm glad others can enjoy these as well as I enjoy making them! Here are the next 5.

    David Moore in the #77 will run the JET Tools Ford in 7 races this year. They were the primary last year but backed off their number of total races after the disappointing season. So far in 2018 he is looking super strong though, so we will have to stay tuned to see how the rest of his year goes!

    Leah Martinez didn't have the best of years last year, but her friendly attitude and racing passion keep her sponsors happy. Grainger will return to the #34 Toyota this season to cover 10 total races for the Chicago native.

    Also running part time in the Midwest Motorsport #06 Toyota will be Paul Randolph. Randolph is a 33 year old from Tulsa, OK and currently competes full time in the #85 in the Nascar Rheem Pro Series. He will get the opportunity to race in the Truck series in 6 races this year, thanks mostly to his sponsors stepping up after a solid start to his 2018 season. Morningstar and BiRite Food Service will split the #06 truck for his limited schedule.

    Next we have the #74 Dodge of Abby Sinclair, who after her solid 2017 season gained additional primary sponsor from Channellock. They will be on the truck for 6 total races in 2018.

    Next we have the team trucks for Interscope Racing. Valvoline primarily sponsors the #25 Chevy in the Cup series, and will hop on board the #25 truck of Phillip Purpura Jr. for 6 races this year. They will also sponsor his teammate, Spencer Graham in 8 races this season.
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    Here are a few more! The #89 font has been updated (I could not at all find the font I used last year so to keep it consistent I changed the whole thing. I usually make notes of every font or style I use but of course that was the one I missed...haha)

    #89 Optimizely Chevy for Spencer Graham with the update number font. (16 races)

    Graham will also be sponsored by Shorai Lithium Batteries for 6 races this year, which fills out the schedule for him.

    Pratt Winston in the #48 Ford will be showcasing Indiegogo on his truck again this season. As was done last year, his dedicated fanbase started up this crowdfunding project and raised over $100,000 as of 2017. The campaign never ended and has raised an additional $25,000 in the past 6 months or so. To show his appreciation, Winston will run an Indiegogo scheme in 6 total races this season, as well as the list of supporters he's had on the rear trunklid of his truck.

    Winston will also be sponsored by Clearwater Paper this year. The deal is for 9 races and it will run a very noticeable paint scheme this season.

    Mark DePaul's consistent season last year enticed Lukoil to hop back on board the #00 Dodge for 5 races again this year.

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