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nns13 carset

Discussion in 'NR2003 General Discussion' started by rs500blake, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. rs500blake

    rs500blake Well-Known Member

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    hey guys, dose anybody have/know where i can find a carset 2012 or 2013 (must have ratings) car set for the NNS13 mod

    many thanks
  2. Brad H

    Brad H Well-Known Member

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    There hasn't been a carset made as such, although when you combine all the cars available it is close to a full set.

    The main sources are:
    1. Here at SRD (the NWS13 Mustangs, Camrys and Challengers are compatible)
    2. Sim Racing USA | All your sim racing goodies!
    3. Outlaw Grafxs Official Site | The Elite Source For NR2003 Designs & Custom Graphics!
    4. NNRacing.com | Your Auto Racing sim community (you will need to use the search function and put in NNS13 as files don't show up in the NNRacing Files tab). The main authors are games123, dooper, reno62793 and acoolkid99, with links below (the links look the same but will take you to the individual pages of the authors):
    NNRacing.com | Your Auto Racing sim community (Games123)
    NNRacing.com | Your Auto Racing sim community (dooper)
    NNRacing.com | Your Auto Racing sim community (reno62793)
    NNRacing.com | Your Auto Racing sim community (acoolkid99)
    5. There is a post here by redbullmasta that collected all NWS13 files up until about a month ago - again only the Camaros aren't compatible because they are for the old mod. http://www.simracingdesign.com/carsets/45659-nws13-2013-nationwide-series-carset-9.html#post532377
    6. Games123 NR2003 Designs - Home This is games123's site and some of his Talladega cars aren't posted on nnracing.

    A few cars that I haven't been able to find:
    #3 primary scheme for Austin Dillon (games123 has a couple of alternative schemes but no primary scheme
    #55 jamie dick (burtonbraves painted this for NWS13 and I pm'ed him a while ago to see if he would update for NNS13 but no response to date)
    #88 Dale Earnhardt Junior (this is a surprise - again it was done for NWS13 but hasn't been updated for NNS13)
    #8 Scott Lagasse Jr
    #2 Brian Scott shore lodge scheme- again a couple of other scheme out there but not the primary scheme.
    #1 Kurt Busch (Guy Roofing scheme). I love that scheme but it hasn't been made. Again, there is a NWS13 version out there.

    Apart from the #55 at least one scheme from all of the top 40 in points is available IIRC and all of the major Cup drivers except Dale Jr have a scheme out there.

    You will need to get nratings to get them rated consistently, as they are from a number of different sources. I tried running a race at a roadcourse before rating them properly and it was a wreckfest, LOL.

    That is all I know about - hopefully others will know some additional sources and add to this post.

    Hope this helps:).

    Last edited: Jun 15, 2013
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