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NR 2003 Crashing For No Reason

Discussion in 'NR2003 - PC Support and Troubleshooting' started by nascarandindy, Jun 18, 2017 at 1:24 PM.

  1. nascarandindy

    nascarandindy Well-Known Member

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    I was just doing a race at Michigan a few minutes ago using the Gen6BR15 mod, and I pulled into pit road, then all of a sudden, the game crashes for no reason. And this is the third time in two days that this happened.

    Earlier today, I was running 2nd about 15 laps into the race, I ran up on some cars, and the game crashed, and when I was running a Truck races with the CWS15 mod, I spun a car out, and the game crashed.

    The funny thing is that I ran a 100-lap race at Michigan with the NXS17 mod, and there were no issues whatsoever.

    I don't get why this has been happening lately. Because if it was the car file sizes, at worst, I would be experiencing a lot of lag. I tried decreasing the world quality, and that did me no good.

    I don't want to be on the final lap of race, heading to the checkered flag, and the game decides to fail on me.

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