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**NR2003 Blurry Graphics Explained**-Informative

Discussion in 'NR2003 - PC Support and Troubleshooting' started by dcoral, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. dcoral

    dcoral He's Luvin' Her!-No Photoshop required.

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    I posted this at The BullRing in response to some requests for Help..Figured it may go to good use for some here as Well.

    This part of your statement is Mostly Incorrect...TextureSetSize is a calculated figure the Sim uses for (Fast Texture Memory) used for clear in game textures as a whole.. not just cars... it uses this number for crisp looking Cars, Billboards, Grass, Sky, Buildings, track surface, etc. etc...... However, the config.exe was built, and designed to configure for Retail track Texture size's, (Although it handled 1024)-512 car Templates, and last but not least, 4:3 aspect ratio Monitors.

    1-As we all know very few people are using retail tracks, With Original Textures.. With the exception of 5 tracks...(BullRing still Uses Retail tracks-With In house Upgrades) for our Cup Series.

    2-As we all know too you won't find a 512 template for any Current NR2003 Mod... You won't find many painters out here not insisting on 2048 templates to paint on. I myself prefer 1024, but I know how to maximize graphics at that resolution.

    3-Last but not least (Monitor Size). Very few of us are still using older 4:3 Aspect ratio CRT's, or even earlier Square LCD monitors... Most have moved on to the Wide-screen generation, and prefer to use the Native, or other Wide-screen options available.

    Now take these 3 factors in consideration when Attempting to calculate a TextureSetSize without actually knowing what you really need.... The config.exe doesn't know you loaded your car folder with 43-2048 paint-jobs, and 1024 pit-crews, And that your going to Race on a Revamped, or SBP track completely re-textured with what used to be 128x256=Now 512x1024, 256x512=Now1024x2048, 128x512=Now 512x2048...This should help folks understand Now why you hear "well it's fine at some tracks, but blurry on others".... or "The Track is Fine in One Mod, but It's Blurry with that Mod".

    Now the combination of all these New Mods, Tracks, Modern day Monitors and graphic cards Unless Actually knowing the Correct Formula for their Own Equipment+Settings, pretty much leaves 90% of this community The Only Logical Correct TextureSetSize Setting to use being Auto.

    As for the Page Swapping?... I don't think Page Swapping has been an issue with Papy Sims since Windows98 and Low Physical Memory Systems ie: 512 of Ram, and 64mb video cards (Which us Old School guys All Raced NR2003 on back in the day).... WindowsXP does a pretty damn good Job of Handling Virtual Memory, but for those who Still insist, and rely on that Old Papy performance Tweak, it takes less than 5 minutes to tweak your Pagefile so it won't swap(or re-size).

    I do Thank you for Pointing this Out...When I do get a chance to stop over here, I'd Like to offer help when I can... But I just can't believe how often this chunk of mis-information is given out...
    Adding (000)-three-0's to your TextureSetsize number is Absolutely Incorrect, and eventually on some track in Some Mod, or the combination of 1,2 or 3 of the above you will experience quality issues. Thank you for Pointing that Out.

    -In addition to TextureSetSize, A safe adjustment regardless of the amount of Physical Memory your machine has is going into your core.ini Memory Section and set the MaxBlockSize+PoolSize both to 524288. Although most Machines these days have a ton of Physical memory, sometimes figures other than these will throw curve balls at how NR2003 performs... these Figures are Safe, and Fool Proof Proven for any system regardless of it's hardware configuration.



    We had 33 Guys Test, and race the Mod for 2 weeks prior to release. These guys had machine ranging from old P4-Socket475 2.0, Socket478 2.5-3.6's all the way up to the i7's. We had 5-6 AMD guys(single core-quad-core). We had a range of video cards from Geforce-128mb ATI 256, all the way up to these GTX 1.5gig of Memory...Guys with 17'-CRT's-Lcd's, Several and Most in the 22-33' Wide-screen Range, and 3 guys in the 40'+ Wide-Screen range.
    And yes....We were happy with results from both ends of the spectrum. Yeah it's a bit different for the guys over there who don't know for themselves having the luxury of Jerry, myself or a few other doing a proper calculation to optimize graphics for them. But that's not to say others in the community have to suffer too. These Tweaks right here should put you real close to perfect regardless of your Hardware+Monitor configuration.

    With 1024 paints, and 512 pit crews, Not one of the guys who tested reported a Drop in frames compared to the SprintCup mod..All reported either an improvement in FPS(those with Weaker Machines), and/or reported (Same as before-Really Can't Tell) from Those running Machine's that handle this Sim Full Tilt 100%. (Meaning 140+FPS no Matter what Mod, or What track, or Combination of Both).

    **When Struggling for FPS-Often Overlooked is Sound. 9 out of 10 guys who ask me to help them fix their FPS have their sound set to Maximum Sounds Heard. NR2003 Sound is a Giant Processor hog, and lowering that number to Maximum Sounds Heard=8 Will often help your cause more than some of the simple graphic tweaks.

    In the End Texture Overload is what causes the blurriness...Poly Overload, and Sound Overload will kill FPS....the combination of both, and incorrect Texture sizing is the recipe for NR2003 Disaster. There are Ways to adjust, adapt, and overcome for your enjoyment given you have the right information and put it to use regardless of what Mod, tracks, or cars you choose to use.

    For Veteran, and New NR2003 hobbyist's alike there is Always this neat little Calculator as an Option for you guys who like to tweak a bit more for comparing what best suits your machine, Mods, and Track downloads.
    NR2003 Graphics Tweaker

    I hope this helps you clear up, and "Understand" Some of the Blur issues 3rd party downloads in NR2003 can sometimes throw at you. (y)
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