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NR2003 Paint Layer Request Thread

Discussion in '3dsMax Resources' started by Mystical, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Mystical

    Mystical Always 110%

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    This thread serves to provide painters with help in generating the more difficult layers they made need created for their cars. Examples would be a large logo that spans across several sections of the body, tiling logos/textures, metallic layers, or any other form of complex layer that would take many many hours to manually create. I own 3D Coat which is a powerful 3D Paint application tool which makes it fairly easy to place decals and textures on a 3D model with minimal effort compared to a 2D painter where lining up the logos would be very time consuming. It is always encouraged to attempt to paint more complex layers on your own but if it comes down to lacking the proper software to generate the layer this thread serves that purpose to fill the gap for fellow painters. Whether you are a novice at panting or a professional all are welcome to use this service. Please read the guidelines below before submitting a request, failure to follow the guidelines will result in a decline of your work item.

    Guidelines for submission and approval of work item:
    • Only one work item (request) may be submitted per user at a time. This includes one layer being generated unless special permission is granted for multiple layers to be created.
    • When your work item has been approved you will receive a ticker number. You can refer to the bottom of this post for the progress on your work item.
    • Any racing sim is allowed. While this is primarily for NR2003 if you provide the proper 3D model that needs to be painted on it can be accommodated to work possibly (for iracing, heat, rfactor, etc)
    • Work item template must be completely filled out, failure to do so will result in a rejection to the layer(s) being created.
    • Make sure to correctly fill out the complexity scale, if you know you need an entire logo to tile all over the car then this will be more tasking than say a single large logo that need to cover the decklid and quarter panel area.
    • Quality of the work returned is dependent on the how complex the request is. 3D models for the game do not have 100% accurate unwrapping so errors are still possible but will be best fixed when possible.
    • Excessive requests multiple times in a row may be considered abuse of the system. Only so many work items can be fulfilled at a time. Be courteous to others who may not have received a completed work item first before submitting more. Refer to the very bottom of this post that displays the current workload for detailed information on the progress.
    • Do not abuse the priority for a work item, if you really do not need a layer generated within a week do not put '1' for example. This only rushes the process and can make it harder for others to get their work done when they need it sooner.
    • Do not send pm's, bump the thread, or reply to other user's work item posts asking for an update on yours. Work will be completed when possible. If you have a question about what type of work can be requested tag your post as [Question] so it can be replied to correctly.
    • Most work items have a higher chance of being completed during weekends/holidays but not guaranteed.
    • You will receive a reply back to your work item post when the request has been fulfilled or denied requesting more information. If user does not respond to the additional information work item within 3 days it will be denied.
    • If your work item is completed but it is not exactly as you need it you can reply to the completed work item post stating any additional changes. Only do this if it is absolutely necessary, then your item be reopened and worked on again.
    • After a work item is completed one week later the files that were made to create your layer will be DELETED. Posts will be updated stating so when possible as well so a user knows they can no longer resurface the item anymore.
    • This service is a volunteer system which means the user(s) generating said layers for other users are under no time frame or obligation to fulfill requests. While the goal is to return higher priority work items in a timely matter this should not be expected as your only reliance on layers being created.
    • Any layers or logos must already include the alpha channel if they are needed to be transparent in certain sections. If a texture needs to tile on a car the texture must already be properly created to tile. No work will be done to accommodate cleaning up provided assets. This system is here to provide a generated layer with said assets properly displayed on the car body, not to complete your painted car.
    • If you own 3D Coat/Substance Painter and wish to help out fulfilling layers with me please send a pm and we can discuss it.
    • Guidelines are subject to change if any additional info is needed so be sure to be aware of any

    Priority: 1 = Prefer this work item to be fulfilled within the week, 2 = work item fulfilled within 2 weeks, 3 =work item fulfilled within a month (DO NOT ABUSE THE PRIORITY)
    Complexity scale: 1 = Very complex/hard (will require more work), 2 = semi-complex (will require time to finesse a bit) 3 = Simple (a simple stamp on of a logo/effect, very easy to do)
    Car Body link: Include link to where a 3ds max render scene for the car body can be found, OBJ, FBX, 3DS, or MB files are also accepted (note only proivde the raw model file if you created the model or have permission to distribute the model). If the render scene includes multiple bodies you need to also state which make is used (Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Dodge etc)
    Files: Provide a download link to your logos/layers you want used. Only layers that are planned to be manipulated are required, do not send a psd with 100 layers that are not used, only the files that need to be manipulated. NOTE: If you are requesting a layer be generated from scratch instead (metallic layer, lightning effect, tiling texture, dirt, etc) please state so here instead.
    Description: Provide any screenshots or info on what exactly you would like done with the assets you provided. For example if you have a large Mountain Dew logo and want it to cover the hood, bumper, and side of the car explain in this section. More information is better. You may be requested to provide more information if info is unclear.
    Resolution output: 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048, 4096x4096(only use this if you really do need it, high resolution assets will be required for a crisper look though)
    Output File Type: TGA, PNG, JPEG, and PSD are the file types than can be requested. If you need multiple file types be sure to list them. By default PNG will be the output file type.

    Current Work Item workload:
    0 - Requested
    0 - In progress
    2 - Completed/Denied

    Work Item Query:
    NR-1 - Completed
    NR-2 - Completed
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
  2. DERacing

    DERacing SRD's Resident Lunatic!

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    Thats AWESOME Mystical! Thank you for your contributions!!!
    Mystical likes this.
  3. Leppelin

    Leppelin Member

    Likes Received:
    Priority: 1 - (If you're available.)

    Complexity scale:

    Car Body link:
    http://splashngo.studiospeed.club/index.php/download/mencs-2018-presentation-scene/ (Ford body for the MENCS 18 mod.)

    Files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mg4abeiqpnkvdt6/MulticamVector.psd

    (PHOTO LINK) Just a camouflage wrap for my paint scheme that's as seamless as possible. I plan to use it as a base layer.

    Resolution output: 2048x2048

    Output File Type: PSD

    Hopefully, I provided everything necessary. Thank you!
  4. Mystical

    Mystical Always 110%

    Likes Received:
    Work Item: NR-1
    Status: Completed
    Resolution time: 1 day
    Time spent on work item: 1 hour
    Resource Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pamlyq7rh5ll80l/NR-1.7z/file
    Contents included: PSD layer includes with 3 different sizes of the camo design to choose from. Small, Medium, and Large sizes included (only 1 can be used). The base layer was fitted and formatted to the regular FORD body included in the MENCS2018_max8_public resource that was provided. The SS FORD body base layer is not included.
    Quick preview (medium texture size):

    NOTICE: The project files and link for work item 'NR-1' will only remain until 8/1/2018. The backup project folder which is 500mb of data that was made to create this base layer will be removed as well.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
  5. Leppelin

    Leppelin Member

    Likes Received:
    Thank you for the great work! I really didn't expect it to be finished so soon.
    Mystical likes this.
  6. garrett1127

    garrett1127 Well-Known Member

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    Nice job Mystical.......I've been playing around with 3d coat a little lately.
  7. Mystical

    Mystical Always 110%

    Likes Received:
    Request received, work item labeled as: NR-2

    Please refer to the bottom of the main post for progress/status. Should be completed before the week ends.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
    Mr.YAMP likes this.
  8. Mystical

    Mystical Always 110%

    Likes Received:
    Work Item: NR-2
    Status: Completed
    For: @Mr.YAMP
    Resolution time:
    5 days
    Time spent on work item: 1.5 hours
    Resource Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/j7kv38z1febd7gc/NR-2.7z/file
    Contents included:
    - PSD file for photoshop
    - Affinity Photo native file (if you use Affinity photo, great alternative to photoshop)

    There are 4 different metallic layers to choose from and 2 flake layers to use if you want
    Metallic layers:
    Expanded Sharp - Sharp version of metallic layer with an expanded 'shine' to the body
    Sharp - Sharp version of metallic layer
    Expanded Sharp Smoothed - Same as expanded but blurred a bit for a smoother blend
    Sharp Smoothed - Same as sharp but blurred a bit for a smoother blend

    Flake layers: (optional)
    Metallic Flakes Large - Larger flake detail
    Metallic Flakes Small - Smaller flake detail

    NOTE: Metallic layers are currently set to overlay blend of 32% opacity. You can adjust this opacity to make the metallic layer more prominent or less of an effect. It is recommended to only have one layer on but you can turn more than one on at a time if you want a different effect.

    Quick preview (Expanded Sharp metallic layer):

    NOTICE: The project files and link for work item 'NR-2' will only remain until 2/10/2019. The backup project folder which is 891mb of data that was made to create this base layer will be removed as well.

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