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Season 5, Race 3: Sonoma

Discussion in 'SRD Sprint Cup Offline League' started by Chevellion, Mar 5, 2015.

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  1. jgegner

    jgegner Find New Roads

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    JG#29: "Well, what can you say? Nice to see both Joey and Matt get top 20 finishes. As for our 29 team, we're not exactly sure what broke in the engine, maybe we burned a piston. We'll get the car back to the shop and have our engine shop guys go over her with a fine tooth comb to figure out what happened and to make sure it doesn't happen again. Oh well, on to the next race."

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  2. Darren Ingram

    Darren Ingram Well-Known Member

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    Darren Ingram - "We had a clean day in my Cup debut. Started in the back and slowly worked our way to the front. P18 ain't to shabby in my opinion. Just gonna get better from here."
  3. Devin41

    Devin41 I wanna go fast!

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    #41 Devin Mahoney: "We started where we finished. 25th. I'll take it considering we really didn't have the best handling car all weekend and I used my tires up way to early every time. We made some gains but quickly fell back. Gotta thank the guys at the Opp, Inc. shop for their efforts and to Rockstar Energy Drink, Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, and Toyota for their support."
  4. gwoodard41

    gwoodard41 Well-Known Member

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    #96 - Greg Woodard: Stayed out of trouble and was able to finish higher than where I started. Have to say that is a net positive. The guys gave me a good car that had to be brought up in a hurry. Wish we could have done better.
  5. JeffJordan

    JeffJordan My name is no longer Jeff Jordan

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    "Holy crap. I have to thank my crew chief for making the late adjustments needed to keep up. That's really made the difference so far."
  6. labontefanboy

    labontefanboy Well-Known Member

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    Brendan Gorman: Really terrible weekend for the entire team. We just couldn't get any bite out of the corners. Sliding everywhere with no grip, and I know Chandler and Carl had the same issue as well. We're heading home and going back to the drawing board.
  7. Chevellion

    Chevellion Former SRD Cup League Director

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  8. JBlanford74

    JBlanford74 FFGFYG

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    @jasonblanford67: You really can't hate a Top 10 finish at a road course. Need to get back to the ovals and get some wins. My crew chief made the right calls and kept me grounded. Time to go enjoy some LandShark. Fins Up!!!
  9. KnightHoarder

    KnightHoarder Well-Known Member

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    Dakota Caudill: Not the finish I was hoping for after I felt I had a great car out there today that was capable of getting a Top 20 maybe even Top 15 in my Cup debut. I definitely learned quite a bit and I gotta say I have great teammates in Dan Busch and Angel Casique here at Xtreme Motorsports! Looking forward to next week's race and gotta thank Honey Nut Cheerios, City Chevrolet, and everyone at Xtreme Motorsports for giving me a great car this weekend just unfortunate circumstance happened that hindered my finish.
  10. ShorTrakRacer

    ShorTrakRacer Racecar Spelled Backward Is Racecar

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    11th...My season is starting off well.
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