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Season 7, Race 14: Richmond

Discussion in 'SRD Sprint Cup Offline League' started by Chevellion, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Chevellion

    Chevellion Former SRD Cup League Director

    Likes Received:
    1 3 15 T Kunkel 99.899 180 138* 185 Running
    2 33 48 C Llamas -2.69 180 0 170 Running
    3 9 26 B Farrell -5.44 180 0 165 Running
    4 24 6 S English -5.52 180 0 160 Running
    5 18 41 G Woodard -6.04 180 0 155 Running
    6 7 46 N Joyce -6.53 180 0 150 Running
    7 32 28 J Jordan -7.63 180 0 146 Running
    8 20 95 Z Webster -9.13 180 0 142 Running
    9 25 4 D Caudill -10.17 180 0 138 Running
    10 31 32 J Isaacs -10.70 180 0 134 Running
    11 5 42 D Harris -11.10 180 0 130 Running
    12 14 54 R Tustin -21.43 180 16 132 Running
    13 22 17 R DeCosta -22.16 180 0 124 Running
    14 21 11 J Hooper, Sr -22.75 180 0 121 Running
    15 40 97 A Curtain -1L 179 0 118 Running
    16 28 23 C DesRosiers -1L 179 0 115 Running
    17 11 21 J Zumwalt -1L 179 0 112 Running
    18 2 5 J Towianski -1L 179 0 109 Running
    19 23 12 T Coleman -1L 179 0 106 Running
    20 6 3 M O'Reilly -1L 179 0 103 Running
    21 10 9 D Busch -1L 179 0 100 Running
    22 4 18 S Lennox -1L 179 0 97 Running
    23 13 58 T Johnston -1L 179 0 94 Running
    24 12 16 J Michaels -1L 179 0 91 Running
    25 15 81 W Anderson -1L 179 5 93 Running
    26 36 39 K Batson -2L 178 0 85 Running
    27 17 02 J Dalton -2L 178 0 82 Running
    28 26 68 K Missimer -3L 177 0 79 Running
    29 39 1 C Root -3L 177 0 76 Running
    30 35 2 D Ingram -4L 176 0 73 Running
    31 34 60 R Bleskachek -5L 175 0 70 Running
    32 37 29 J Gegner -12L 168 0 67 Accident
    33 29 62 J Craigo -22L 158 8 69 Running
    34 8 22 J Blanford -42L 138 1 66 Retired
    35 30 00 M Peters -49L 131 0 58 Retired
    36 16 78 J Hawkins -52L 128 0 55 Tire
    37 19 24 W Slates -56L 124 12 57 Accident
    38 27 7 J Keel -58L 122 0 49 Retired
    39 1 13 A Spencer -81L 99 0 46 Running
    40 38 59 D Calhoun -89L 91 0 43 Accident
    41 41 19 N Flaitz -89L 91 0 40 Accident
  2. gwoodard41

    gwoodard41 Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    41: "I can definitely celebrate a top 5 after what a clusterfrack this race was."
    41 CC: "I agree, Cheerwine is on standby for after race meeting."
    41 CC: "Whole team finished in the top 10, another reason to celebrate."
  3. ahspencer01

    ahspencer01 yikes Banned

    Likes Received:
    "1st to 39th. Welp."
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  4. DERacing

    DERacing SRD's Resident Lunatic!

    Likes Received:
    31st to 10th... I'll take it.

    But we still have to work on our cars. The qual setups have absolutely sucked. We are a better team than this.
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  5. jacobc62

    jacobc62 The OG NASCAR Tiger. Banned

    Likes Received:
    "What can I say? Me and my team had a fast car all night, and we get caught up in someone else's bullshit because everyone out here apparently can't keep their damn heads on straight. I'm just glad we're in the Chase."
  6. KahneRacing945

    KahneRacing945 3-Time USORL Rally Winner Banned

    Likes Received:
    Dalton: "It'd be great if we could stop being involved in wrecks caused by teammates. Ran up front most the race to be wrecked late... no further comment."
  7. Chevellion

    Chevellion Former SRD Cup League Director

    Likes Received:
    Don't know who's had worse luck this season - you or Ryan. Still some time to knock out a few solid finishes before season's end.

    Here's how the points shake out after today's event:

    Tim Kunkel's win locks him in, while Keith Batson's poor run tonight locks him out.

    After points adjustments, here are the final standings after race 14:

    1. Anthony Curtain (@AntCurtain ) will enter the Chase as your top seed, holding a one-point advantage over Wes Slates thanks to two stage wins this season. Look for him to make a lot of noise next week at Sonoma, and potentially punch his ticket to round 2 with another win [DAYTONA RC, LIME ROCK PARK]
    2. Wes Slates (@wslates ) is the only driver to match Curtain in wins so far this season, and will start with a 9 point advantage over 3rd. One stage win. [DAYTONA, WATKINS GLEN]
    3. Jacob Craigo (@jacobc62 ) has had by far the best Short Track program this season - now he just needs Lady Luck on his side. Two stage wins. [MARTINSVILLE]
    4. Kyle Missimer (@Chevellion ) has matched Slates in top 5s and top 10s this season, but has seen the most DNFs for himself in a season this year. One race win, and one stage win. [OLD SPICE]
    5. DJ Harris (@Tetronix ) One race win, and one stage win. [ORP]
    6. Matt O'Reilly (@MattyO ) has been near (or at) the top of the table for most of the season. One race win. [OUTWARD]
    7. Dakota Caudill (@KnightHoarder ) One race win. [CHARLOTTE]
    8. Joe Towianski (@Tim2488 - help me out here haha) One race win. [COCA-COLA]
    9. Tim Kunkel (@Tim2488) One race win. [RICHMOND]
    10. Cody Llamas (@XxTeam48LowesXx ) One race win. [INDIANAPOLIS]
    11. Noah Joyce (@nj9703 ) One race win. [AUTO CLUB]
    12. John Hooper, Sr (@canadienhits ) Top non-winning driver in points.
    13. Darren Ingram (@Darren Ingram ) 2nd driver to qualify on points.
    14. JJ Jordan (@JeffJordan ) 3rd driver to qualify on points.
    15. Zack Webster (@zaw24fan ) Final driver to qualify on points, based on Batson being below the top 30
  8. ShadowKnight508

    ShadowKnight508 Lt. Commish - SRD Pick' Em Series

    Likes Received:
    As the TV crew walks along the garage area looking for an interview from one of the many drivers that ended up crashing during the race, they happen upon rookie driver Will Anderson channeling his inner Tony Stewart by taking his helmet and tossing it as hard as he can towards the battered rear end of his car after chucking his HANS device back into the cockpit in disgust. With a loud bang, the Texaco-adorned helmet bounces off the trashed rear bumper and proceeds to bounce away in the darkness towards one of the parked haulers in the infield. The SRDSN reporter takes interest in Anderson after seeing the helmet toss and swoops in to conduct his interview:

    SRDSN Reporter: "Some rage and frustration being shown by rookie Anderson in the garage area after the checkered flag. He just tossed his helmet at his car shortly after tossing his HANS device back into the cockpit of his wrecked #81 Once Upon A Time In 2Fort Ford Fusion. William, do you have any words for what went on during the race and in regards to the big crash going down the backstretch into Turn 3 that pretty much ended your shot at your first-career win?"

    Will Anderson, #81 Once Upon A Time In 2Fort Ford Fusion: (puts on Texaco hat and lets out a deep, painful sigh) "Man...that was easily the best car that we have had all season. My crew worked their asses off getting our #81 Ford Fusion to handle in the corners and boy was this car an absolute blast to drive tonight. It had fantastic speed on the both the short and long runs, the handling was rock solid in the turns, and it had some great drive-off on the exit of both Turns 2 and 4. I want to thank my crew and everybody back at the shop for giving us a solid car that was competitive and had great speed.

    Not sure what happened there on the backstretch after we lost the lead and slid back into that hornet nest of traffic. All I know is that my spotter was telling me 'two-wide inside, hold your line' prior to getting spun out as we headed off towards Turn 3. It really sucked that after we made contact with the wall and came to a stop that I ended up clipping someone just seconds before my teammate (DesRoisers) ran out of room and ended up making pretty hard contact with our rear end. We didn't get too much damage from spinning around and snagging the wall, but the damage from the #23 hitting the rear end bent something in the rear end and it really messed up our night. I am not mad at my teammate for what happened there (he had nowhere to go and it wasn't his fault that we got back in that mess), just frustrated with losing our shot at the win.

    Just want to congratulate the #15 (@Tim2488) on pulling off the win tonight. They had a great car and raced us pretty clean out there prior to the crash that ended our shot for the win."

    SRDSN Reporter: "We witnessed you tossing your helmet at the car prior to the interview (short clip plays of Anderson tossing his helmet at the car) we are having right now. Was that due to getting crashed or missing out on that first-career win?"

    Anderson: "My frustration that you guys walked up on was more in regards to losing our shot to pull off what could have been my first-ever win in the SRD Cup Series than anything else. What happened on the backstretch was a racing deal (going three-wide is always a risk at Richmond) and we have just had some pretty bad luck so far this season. I don't blame anybody for what happened back there, but it was just frustrating to have such a competitive car and not get the result (Top-10 finish was our goal) that we were working so hard for. I apologize to my team, sponsors, and boss for my lack of control right there (helmet toss), but I just am really disappointed with how the night ended after such a promising start. We moved up through the pack, we led laps, and we mixed it up with the best of them on-track. We were once on the verge on making the Playoffs on points, but with all of these disappointing finishes (no fault of the team or anybody, just bad luck in general) starting to pile up for us recently, it has pretty much killed our chances for making it."

    SRDSN Reporter: "Thanks for the comments and hopefully you guys on the #81 team can get back on the right track before the season ends and pull off a surprise victory."

    Anderson: "Thanks. Just need some good luck for a change...it's the primary reason that we have been having some of these issues (crashes, mechanical failures) over the past few races and it just really sucks."
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2017
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  9. Tetronix

    Tetronix #48EVER

    Likes Received:
    Harris' statement after the race:

    "Well, too bad we couldn't get a top 10 finish, but hey - this whole #42 team and I will have to crack open some cold ones (I mean, a Pepsi is great for an underage driver too) after the interviews. Locked into the Chase, so we are in good shape!"
  10. zaw24fan

    zaw24fan SRD National Series Director Paint Crew

    Likes Received:
    Webster: JJ Jordan continues to show why he was an elite addition to the team. He'll be in championship contention for yet another year. Hate we couldn't get all three cars in, especially with the past success we've had with drivers in their first year, but Woodard had a solid regular season for us. We just couldn't get his car in a position to also make it in.

    We got two in the Chase, but they're both in on points. We have to step up our performance and be serious contenders for wins if we want to make it from the bottom two seeds to the championship race.
  11. Mudd

    Mudd Just Some Guy Paint Crew

    Likes Received:
    Started last. Crashed pitting. Finished last. Time to go drink.
  12. canadienhits

    canadienhits The Dominator, Cup champ.

    Likes Received:
    Well, we made it in. We were sweating it after our qualifying attempt. We really didn't have a great Budweiser Camry today, but 14th got us in. Now the real work begins.
  13. gwoodard41

    gwoodard41 Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    "It is a shame that all three of us did not make it into the chase but I'm happy for my teammates. Best thing I can do for the team is support my teammates anywhere I can in the upcoming races. Maybe next year I can actually get into contention."
  14. XxTeam48LowesXx

    XxTeam48LowesXx Jimmie Johnson Fan

    Likes Received:
    "From 33rd to 2nd on this little racetrack. Really proud of the effort tonight cause you can see the attitude change a simple win could do to you. It's a whole new ballgame now and its time to surprise a few people finally!"
  15. Tim2488

    Tim2488 Everything Bacon.

    Likes Received:
    A season of Ups & Downs culminates as Tim Kunkel brings the Hoonigan Racing B&T Chevrolet to a stop In Gatorade Victory Lane. He's wasting no time getting ready to celebrate...

    *Cheers, Gatorade, Coors Light all mix in the air as Kunkel pumps his fist in the air*

    Tim what a performance out there, did you ever think you'd get here this season?

    "Honestly, no. Our luck has been just terrible this season. There had been a lot of doubt going forward from about halfway into the season whether we could keep this team afloat. Tonight helps in a huge way, I can't thank this crew enough for what they've put up with all year for it to finally pay off. "

    Take us through the last few stages of the race.

    "Cautions man, cautions. I just had to keep my mind off the competition and ready for each restart. The car was just hooked up and took off right away. I can't thank Hoonigan, Coors, Avis Budget, Blackened & Chevy for their support"

    You're in the Chase, do you think this win could be a morale booster & catapult this team to your first ever SRD Cup title?

    "I want the fans to call me a dark horse pick to win, from nearly dead last in the standings 8 races in to chase bound, we want the cup"

    Tim Kunkel, your winner tonight at Richmond,back to you up in the booth.

    "Y-You too."
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  16. canadienhits

    canadienhits The Dominator, Cup champ.

    Likes Received:
    Hey Tim, nice win.....don't get too cocky...lol
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  17. JeffJordan

    JeffJordan My name is no longer Jeff Jordan

    Likes Received:
    "We definitely have some work to do if we're gonna end up with another second place finish in the standings."
  18. nj9703

    nj9703 Very Stable Genius

    Likes Received:
    "Hate that I took out Jesse there in the end, don't know what happened there. Went down into the turn and saw a big ole black and purple 68 sliding in front of me. Sucks for those involved. Glad to come home with another top 10, hopefully we can keep this momentum up through the chase."
  19. Chowda17

    Chowda17 Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    I'm glad we survived and didn't wreck this weekend. As bad as our luck has been, to somehow finish 13th is just ridiculous.

    Let's not be the team that finishes last this year.
  20. Saan Anguish

    Saan Anguish Inflictor of Pain

    Likes Received:
    "Happy with our performance, we definitely needed that boost there. Still looking for more though."

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