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SRD National Series - Silly Season - 2018

Discussion in 'SRD NNS Offline League' started by zaw24fan, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. zaw24fan

    zaw24fan SRD National Series Director Paint Crew

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    Going to go ahead and put this up so you guys can get started with 2018 stuff. Anything posted in the 2017 thread that is about 2018 should be reposted here.

    Information and team chart will be posted later.

    Let's open up silly season with a little bit of news...


    The SRD National Series will expand to a fourth manufacture, the Dodge Hellcat, for the 2018 season. The new manufacture was announced as teams rolled in to Dodge Motordrome for the elimination race in the 2017 Round of 12.

    No teams are allowed to make the change to Dodge as of yet. Series officials will announce the transfer process at a later date.
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  2. canadienhits

    canadienhits The Dominator, Cup champ.

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    OPP, Inc. signs Wichelman to multi-year deal
    OPP, Inc. signed current driver Matt Wichelman to a three year deal recently. Terms were not announced, but it's rumored to be in upwards of a million plus a year. Wichelman, who currently runs part time in the 11 Discount Tire Camry, will take the seat full time next year. Altho not announced, it may be that owner John Hooper, Sr. is looking for Wichelman to replace him in the Cup series in the iconic #11 in the future.
  3. Tetronix

    Tetronix Well-Known Member

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    Harris Looks at Third Consecutive Season with Opp, Inc.
    New York, NY - D.J. Harris, current driver of the #99 DC Shoes / Hewlett Packard Toyota Camry for Opp, Inc. is looking at another season with the team.

    In a series of tweets from the almost 18-year old Canadian, he is looking at a return to the #99 ride. He went on to say that this is his best season, which is far from wrong. He had a points standings finish of 36th in points in 2016, and was 19th in points before a wreck sustained at Indianapolis, which dropped him to 35th.

    He also said that he isn't looking for any multi-year deals, but is comfortable with running for the team.

    Harris is confident that either DC Shoes and/or Hewlett-Packard will be back in 2018 to sponsor the young gun. Right now, he or Opp, Inc. isn't in talks with any new sponsors as of late, either. He hasn't planned any press conferences or any interviews regarding his current National Series plans or ideas at this time, he added.

    SRDN will be watching out for any new information in the following days.

    (SRDN) (11/5/2017)
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  4. canadienhits

    canadienhits The Dominator, Cup champ.

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    Hooper comments on SRD NNS for 2018
    OPP, Inc. owner John Hooper, Sr. recently talked to SRDN about the plans for the SRD National series in 2018. Hooper recently signed Matt Wichelman to a multi-year deal. "Matt is a great driver, and spokesman" said Hooper. "We already have plans for Matt for next year and beyond." Hooper added. Hooper announced that he is currently working on new deals to D.J. Harris and Joshua Hawkins for the National Series next year. "We've got a great core of young drivers, " said Hooper, "and look forward to their development in our cars for the forseeable future."
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  5. Chevellion

    Chevellion Former SRD Cup League Director

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    Missimer Motorsports Re-Evaluating NNS Opportunities

    The Cup Series' premier Ford organization is considering a return to NNS, after initially ceasing operations at the conclusion of the 2016 season. Missimer cited the positive relationship with Sean English (@Saan Anguish ) and success with the team's #60 entry as a key motivator in the return. Missimer expects to retain the #68, which Spencer Hunter ran in an unsponsored V2 Motorsports entry in 2017. Sponsorship would include Boost Mobile and Amazon, both partners from previous seasons. The team hopes to field at least two full-time entries: one piloted by a rotating door of Cup drivers (with Missimer participating in road courses) and the other a full-time seat running for the NNS championship.
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  6. Saan Anguish

    Saan Anguish Inflictor of Pain

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    "We're glad to have helped Missimer this past season. He did the 60 great, and we look forward to seeing him back on track with his own team. We wish him the best."
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  7. KnightHoarder

    KnightHoarder Well-Known Member

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    Team Owner Dakota Caudill after the race at Indy made a major announcement regarding the rest of the season and for next season as well. "While I was glad to bring Ryan DeLuso on board this season, he has struggled a lot. As a team owner it's frustrating especially when 2 of your 3 cars are doing great and the other is not, you have to start reevaluating your priorities moving forward. So this decision I've made is nothing against Ryan but I have made the choice to bring in a new driver to finish out the season in the #19 DK Motorsports Toyota. New free agent driver, Tyler Mallon will finish out the season in the #19 DK Motorsports Toyota effective immediately. Tyler will also run full time next season for me as well so it's great to have everything in place and ready to go driver wise. Sponsorship for next season will be worked out soon but the 19 Toyota will become the 93 Toyota next season instead with Tyler Mallon behind the wheel alongside myself in the Arris/Jive Communications 18 Toyota and RJ Bishop in the Transformers The Last Knight/Taco Bell 91 Toyota next season! Looking forward to finishing out the season strong here at DK Motorsports and can't wait to see what next season brings!"
  8. nj9703

    nj9703 Very Stable Genius

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    Joyce Secures 2018 Plans, Looks Forward to New View
    Noah Joyce said today in an exclusive interview with the SRD Network that he will be shifting to a new team in 2018. Nothing more was disclosed.

    (SRDN) (11/13/2017)
  9. ahspencer01

    ahspencer01 yikes

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    Spencer to leave National Series after Rookie Season
    It was announced today that Austin Spencer would leave the National Series after a less than impressive season to focus on his potential Cup team and his IndyCar career. He thanked his owner Jason Blanford for the opportunity to drive his car for the season and wished him luck in his future endeavors.
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  10. NinjaPanther42

    NinjaPanther42 Well-Known Member

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    Jordyn Propst secures ride for 2018 season
    Jordyn Propst who is currently competing in the round of 8 in the playoffs was informed last week he would no longer be a part of JD Racing's plans after 2017. Another team owner has reportedly offered Propst a contract for the 2018 season in the 41 car. SunnyD, Santa Cruz Skateboards, and Kicker will follow Propst to his new team. More info will be released soon. (11/15/2017)
  11. Ben Althen

    Ben Althen Well-Known Member

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    BCA Motorsports team owner Ben Althen announced today that the team intends to field 3 full time entries for the 2018 season. "We are still ironing out all of the details, but we'll be back with 3 fast Fords come next season. Right now we are focusing on trying to finish out the season strong and win a a title with Mike and JR."
  12. JBlanford74

    JBlanford74 FFGFYG

    Likes Received:
    CHECK 6, Inc to announce changes...
    Jacksonville, FL- “While we have felt a resurgence the last 2 weeks, unfortunately we cannot escape what we have felt to be a blemish on our name with the Joseph Kall incident. As the owner of C6, Inc; I feel that we need a rebranding and a fresh start. We will be rebranded as MAG Motorsports. Sponsors and manufacturer will be released soon.”
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  13. KahneRacing945

    KahneRacing945 3-Time USORL Rally Winner

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    JD Racing changing up Driver Roster
    Dalton has confirmed that he will have 2 new drivers for the 2018 season. Dalton will stay in the #49, Noah Joyce will be in the #4 and Steven Merzlak with be in the #9 for JD Racing in 2018.
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  14. games123

    games123 CHARGE!

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    Games123 Racing Powered by DC Solar Signs Driver Following Joyce's Departure

    Jordyn Propst, will switch with Noah Joyce, and will drive for Games123 Racing Powered by DC Solar in the 2018 SRD National Series Season in the #41 Toyota Camry.
    Ray Tustin will return to the #54 this season, dropping down to run for the 2018 SRD National Series Driver Championship.
    No word on the 3rd car, at this moment.
  15. jacobc62

    jacobc62 The OG NASCAR Tiger.

    Likes Received:
    Craigo Racing Inc. working on 2018 plans

    With the 2017 Season drawing closer to the end of the season, the usual bout of Silly Season has started up for many teams, and in the Craigo Racing facility in Glendale, AZ, it's no different.

    "We're working on several things behind the scenes, as well as evaluating several options that have opened up for us over the past few months." is what SRDSN personnel were told by CRI officials this past Saturday.

    It was already announced that the Indycar operations for the team would be shut down in favor of the team expanding to the Cup Series, retaining the roughly 50 employees that work under CRI Indycar banner. (SRDSN - 11/25/17)
  16. Chevellion

    Chevellion Former SRD Cup League Director

    Likes Received:
    Missimer Motorsports Rebrands to KM Racing, Announces Sponsorship Package for 68


    After a year-long hiatus, team representatives have confirmed that 2016 Cup Champion Kyle Missimer will be returning to the owner's seat in the SRD National Series. The new entity, titled KM Racing, was formed from the repurchasing of assets formerly sold to V2 Motorsports. Also announced was the full sponsorship package for the 68 car, which will be driven by a rotating team of Cup regulars. Glock jumps ship from the 86, with Boost Mobile and Amazon coming on board - two former Missimer Motorsports partners. Jon Peterson brings Bass Pro Shops over from JD Racing, and will participate in at least four events with the team.

    Missimer also confirmed the team will run two full-time regulars in other cars, but that negotiations with both drivers and sponsors were ongoing.
  17. MWick4

    MWick4 SRD SuperTruck Series Director

    Likes Received:
    Wichelman comments on Discount Tire leaving OPP Inc:

    With reports coming out that Discount Tire was leaving OPP Inc after the 2017 season, ‘17 Road America winner and 2018 NNS ROTY contender Matt Wichelman was available for comment: “The news of Discount Tire’s departure is surprising to say the least. They were expected to be a large player for us next year so we do have some holes to fill, but we still do have some strong sponsors behind us and have been in talks with quite a few others. Everything should come together in due time.”
    Peeved that I had already began working on my 2018 scheme
  18. MWick4

    MWick4 SRD SuperTruck Series Director

    Likes Received:
    GameStop to become “major player” in #11 National Series program?:
    Only a day after OPP Inc announced the departure of Discount Tire, a key sponsor for their National Series #11 team, news of a potential new sponsor has already broken out.
    An anonymous source claiming to be an executive for video game retailer GameStop tells SRDSN that the company should help fill a big portion of the void left by Discount Tire for rookie Matt Wichelman.

    “We still have to cross a few T’s and dot a couple I’s but GameStop should be a major player on this car in 2018.”

    No reply has been given at this time by GameStop, OPP Inc, or driver Matt Wichelman.
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  19. Evolution9

    Evolution9 Just Be Yourself Dont Care What Other Thinks!

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    Columbus OH (SRDNNS) Their reports that Josh Hawkins will be switching numbers for one finale time.He want to use #43 for rest of his career so salute Richard Petty.Also new sponsor came on board Domino's Pizza and Jack Links are stepping up to sponsor him for many season and returning sponsored NOS Energy will continue their relationship with Josh Hawkins.
  20. Mudd

    Mudd Just Some Guy Paint Crew

    Likes Received:
    Flaitz to return to series full time: update:
    Following the report that Nick Flaitz will not return to the #19 Oakley/Nike Chevrolet of Harris Motorsports in SRD's Premier series. Nick Flaitz announces that he will make his return to full time competition in the SRD National Series. "I just couldn't seem to find any success in the last two seasons." Flaitz said. "I finished in the lower tier of the points and had a lot of DNF's, It just wasn't fun for me." No word on Sponsor or number as Flaitz previously drove the #22 for Turn 4 Motorsports (which he is the owner) The car is currently being driven by Alex Seufert who made the playoffs this current season."Alex has had a great season and I don't want to disrupt the chemistry that team has had. If Alex wants to come back, that's his ride." Flaitzstated. This season Flaitz was splitting the ride with fellow Cup series competitor Connor Root. No word on what will happen with Root in the next season.
    Update: Turn 4 will return with Flaitz driving the #1 and Alex (@UnfixingDuke24) returning to the #22. No word yet on whether Scott (@SAL)will be back in the #45 however Flaitz did say that "if he wants the ride of course it's his" As for long time driver Connor Root (@frow78), Flaitz said "I am shutting down the cup division after a bad season and Connor wants to remain in the cup series but if I he wants to drive in the NNS I will do what I can to find him a ride" No word on sponsorship at this time.
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