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SRD Super Series: Season 2

Discussion in 'Offline Leagues' started by No1JGfan, Apr 17, 2020.

  1. No1JGfan

    No1JGfan Well-Known Member

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    Welcome to Season 2 of the newly branded SRD Super Series
    SRD Super Series Logo.png
    - The series will consist of 3 types of events (Race, Format, and Heats)
    Race: Regular racing rules apply (30 car field)
    Format: Special set of rules based on the event
    Heats: Normal race procedure but heat races set the field (26 car field)
    - Single car qualifying sets the lineup for heats
    - 4 races, 10 Laps, Only green-flag laps count (1-20)
    - Highest finishing car not yet locked in for each heat advances to the A-Main (21-24)​
    15 Lap LCQ
    - 1st car not locked in advances to the A-Main (25th)
    - Fastest qualifying speed not yet locked in advances to the A-Main (26th)​

    - The series is open to all. So no post limit required, however you're still required to be in good standing with the site, so a ban on the site means a ban in the league.
    • A user can rejoin next season if ban is lifted
    • A banned user can also rejoin midseason provided the ban is lifted and they message me and ask to rejoin
    - The league is using the lmpv2 mod, ratings 40/60, 2048 templates are preferred but not required.
    - To keep the realism only Chevrolets, Fords, and Toyotas are allowed, but doesn't have to be current generation/model or you can go unbranded.

    Approved models & templates:
    Chevrolet: Camaro, SS, Impala
    Ford: Mustang, Fusion (any)
    Toyota: Camry (any)

    Sign-ups & Other Info:

    - Numbers and sponsors are on a first come basis, returning drivers get priority over previous years number and sponsor for a select period of time.
    (Please refer to the team chart in the 3rd post to see which numbers and sponsors are taken)

    - Drivers can run the same number, the second driver will have a zero in front of their number in-game for scoring purposes

    • Driver A: car #9
    • Driver B: car #009
    - All flats must run the series logo
    - Drivers are only allowed one primary paint scheme per driver, but are allowed to run special, alternative, or throwback schemes provided it's posted in the flats thread and approved
    - Sign-ups are one car per user for now, however I will open sign-ups for multiple entries at a later date.

    - To sign-up all you have to do is fill out the entry form below
    Primary sponsor:

    Name: Ryan Bleskachek
    Number: 60
    Manufacturer: Chevrolet
    Team: Bleskachek Motorsports
    Primary sponsor: Axalta

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    Last edited: Apr 24, 2020
  2. No1JGfan

    No1JGfan Well-Known Member

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    2020 Schedule *subject to change

    - All-Star: New Smyrna

    Regular Season:
    1. Rockingham (Race) 200 Laps
    2. Richmond (Race) 100 Laps
    3. Langley (Format) 200 Laps (75/75/50)
    4. Dover (Race) 100 Laps
    5. Bristol (Format) 100 Laps
    6. Iowa (Race) 100 Laps
    7. Bowman Gray (Format) 150 Laps (100/50)
    8. New Hampshire (Race) 100 Laps
    9. Hickory (Throwback) (Race) 138 Laps
    10. Oxford (Format) 250 Laps
    11. Daytona Race 1 (ST) (Format) 150 Laps (100/50)
    12. Daytona Race 2 (SS) (Format) 50 Laps
    13. Jukasa (Format) 250 Laps
    14. South Boston (Race) 125 laps
    15. Martinsville (Format) 200 Laps

    16. Toledo (Race) 200 Laps
    17. Winchester (Race) 400 Laps
    18. Phoenix (Race) 150 Laps
    19. Nashville Fairgrounds (Race) 200 Laps
    20. Five Flags (Format) 300 Laps

    Race Rules & Procedures

    All-Star Race:
    - Winners from last year advance to A-Main
    - 4, 10 lap heat races. Heat races winner of each heat advance to the A-Main
    - LCQ winner advances to A-Main
    - Segment 1: 30 laps (winner starts 1st for final segment)
    - Segment 2: 30 laps (winner starts 2nd for final segment)
    - Segment 3: 10 laps (only green flag laps count) (winners of first 2 segments start 1-2, provided car still in the race)

    Langley Race Format:
    - Regular heat race rules apply
    - Race is broken down into three segments. segment 1: 75 laps, segment 2: 75 laps, segment 3: 50 laps
    - Points are awarded for each segment

    Bristol Race Format:
    - Single car qualifying (1-25)
    - A 20 lap LCQ determines the remaining spots:
    - top-4 advance to A-Main (26-29)
    - Fastest car not yet locked in advances to A-Main (30)

    Daytona Doubleheader rules:
    Race 1 (ST) :Regular heat race rules apply
    - Competition caution on lap 100 to award points
    - Teams must use the same car for both races. Engine changes, backup cars, etc. will result in the car starting in the rear of the field for race 2.
    - Race 2 (SS) :Lineup is set by finishing order from race 1, with the lead lap cars being inverted

    Bowman Gray Race Format:
    - Regular heat race rules apply
    - Race is broken down into two segments. segment 1: 100 laps, segment 2: 50 laps

    Oxford Race Format:
    - Random draw sets the lineup for the heat races
    - 6, 20 lap heat races (top 4 advance)
    - 2, 15 lap consolation races (top 3 advance)
    - 1, 10 lap LCQ (only 1st advances)

    Jukasa Race Format:
    - Qualifying to set heat races (top-10 locked in)
    - 4, 10 lap heat races, top-4 in each advance
    - 1, 15 lap LCQ race, top-3 advance
    - Fastest car not yet locked in gets the final transfer spot
    - 250 lap race, competition caution on lap 125 to reward points

    Martinsville Race Format:
    - Single car qualifying sets the lineup for the dual heat races (polesitter & outside polesitter do
    not have to participate in the races)
    - 2, 20 Lap heat races: the top 10 from each heat race will qualify with the rest going to the LCQ
    - A 25 Lap LCQ determines the remaining spots
    - 200 Laps, competition caution at laps 100 and 175

    Snowball Derby Race Format:
    - Single car qualifying, the top 25 times will be locked into the race, the rest go to the LCQ
    - A 50 lap LCQ determines the remaining spots: top 4 advance, plus fastest car from qualifying not yet locked in
    - 300 laps, a competition caution will wave after 75 consecutive green flag laps, but no comp. caution after lap 280
  3. No1JGfan

    No1JGfan Well-Known Member

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    Points, Playoffs, Teams and Charter Info

    Points Format

    - A 1-30 point system will be used with the winner receiving an additional 5 bonus points for a win
    - Each race will have a competition caution at halfway that will award the top-10 points
    - The leader will also receive 1 playoff point
    *Format races will award points on different laps if dictated​
    - Heat races will award the top-3 in each race bonus points, plus a playoff point for a heat win
    - Playoff reset will award 5 bonus points for each win that carries through each round
    - Regular season champion receives an additional 15 bonus points for 1st round and then 5 bonus points that will carry through each round

    10 drivers will qualify for the playoffs, a win will give you a spot in the playoffs provided you are within the top-20 in points
    • Two races in the Round of 10, after which four drivers will be eliminated.
    • Two races in the Round of 8, after which two drivers will be eliminated.
    • The Championship 4 finale, which will determine the series champion at Five Flags Speedway.
    Teams & Charters (coming Soon)
    B&T Motorsports
    1) Tim Kunkel, Sponsor TBA

    BCA Motorsports

    55) Ben Althen, Deka Batteries

    Blaze Motorsports

    46) Robert Lillie, Speedway

    Bleskachek Motorsports

    010) Levine Michaels, Konica Minolta
    24) Tanner Shears, Pepsi
    47) Tim Johnston, Glenden Enterprises
    60) Ryan Bleskachek, Axalta
    97) Anthony Curtain, V-Moda

    Devin Mahoney Inc.
    41) Devin Mahoney, Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine (unconfirmed)

    Eagle Motorsports
    00) Reese Kupsky, Reese's
    93) Kevin Campbell, Skyline Customs

    English Motorsports
    2) Calessa English, K&N Filters (unconfirmed)
    6) Sean English, Valvoline

    Fuller Autosport
    15) Charlie Fuller, Tresiba (unconfirmed)

    Hancock Racing
    06) Jesse Waters, Dr. Pepper (unconfirmed)
    12) Brendon Hancock, Sponsor TBA

    Harris Motorsports
    5) Ripley McCoy, Magnuson Hotels (unconfirmed)
    48) DJ Harris, Artika

    JB2 Motorsports
    34) Jason Blanford, Garmin
    74) Matthieu Blanford, Ryobi

    KM Racing
    68) Kyle Missimer, Audio Technica
    86) Bob Missimer, Leer Truck Caps (unconfirmed)

    Kaisner-Remington Racing
    76) Josh Remington, NTT Data (unconfirmed)

    Mysone Racing
    33) Jamie Walker, TBD

    Lintz Motorsports
    14) Austin Lintz, Kraft Foods
    17) Ryan DeCosta, Allagash
    87) Everett Lintz, DoorDash
    89) Stacie Reske, Color Street

    Merzlak Racing?
    3) Noah Joyce, Panini Trading Cards (unconfirmed)

    MF Motorsports
    73) Matheus Fiorentini, Ipiranga

    OPP, Inc.
    10) Matt Wichelman, Coca-Cola (unconfirmed)
    11) John Hooper Sr., Sunrise Ford
    66) Aaron Beard, Whelen
    88) Olivia Hooper, TBA

    Rock Car Racing

    44) Arthur Xavier, Snickers

    Rogers Motorsports

    45) Cary Rogers, Arlon (unconfirmed)

    Round Round Motorsports
    52) Brendan Peavy, Drydene (unconfirmed)

    Reza Maulana Racing
    98) Reza Maulana, TBD

    Schramm Racing
    22) Dewey Schramm III, Coors Light (unconfirmed)

    Torres Racing
    30) Alvaro Torres, 7UP
    32) John Rodriguez, McDonalds (unconfirmed)

    Teams TBD
    032) Bobby Farrell, CorvetteParts.net
    Last edited: May 23, 2020 at 9:57 AM
  4. matheus357

    matheus357 Very Occasional Painter

    Likes Received:
    Name: Matheus Fiorentini
    Number: 73
    Manufacturer: Ford
    Team: MF Motorsports
    Primary sponsor: Ipiranga
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  5. thedude1987

    thedude1987 King of Pepsi, Racer, Family Man!

    Likes Received:
    Name: Everett Lintz
    Number: 87
    Manufacturer: Chevrolet
    Team: Lintz Motorsports
    Primary sponsor: DoorDash
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2020
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  6. canadienhits

    canadienhits The Dominator, Cup champ.

    Likes Received:
    Name: John Hooper, Sr.
    Number: 11
    Manufacturer: Ford
    Team: OPP, Inc.
    Primary sponsor: Sunrise Ford / Mel Hambilton Ford
    Associates: Pennzoil/Shell, Motorcraft/Quick Lane, Ford Performance.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2020
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  7. Ben Althen

    Ben Althen Well-Known Member

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    Name: Ben Althen
    Number: 55
    Manufacturer: Ford
    Team: BCA Motorsports
    Primary sponsor: Deka Batteries
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  8. Dodgeman4345

    Dodgeman4345 Well-Known Member

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    Name: Bobby Farrell
    Number: #32
    Manufacturer: Ford Fusion
    Team: TBD (Trying to think of a good team name.
    Primary sponsor: CorvetteParts.net
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  9. mtblillie

    mtblillie It's MTB Lillie, not MT Billy

    Likes Received:
    Name: Robert Lillie
    Number: 46
    Manufacturer: Ford Mustang
    Team: Blaze Motorsports
    Primary Sponsor: Speedway/Ford Performance
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  10. at01

    at01 Well-Known Member

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    Name: Alvaro Torres
    Number: 30
    Manufacturer: Chevrolet
    Team: Torres Racing
    Primary sponsor: 7UP Billion
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  11. BrendonH12

    BrendonH12 Lover of Jesus! #CarolinaStrong

    Likes Received:
    Name: Brendon Hancock
    Number: #12
    Manufacturer: TBA
    Team: Brendon Hancock Racing
    Primary sponsor: TBA
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  12. Chowda17

    Chowda17 Well-Known Member

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    Same ride as last year. That was fun.
    Name: Ryan DeCosta
    Number: 17
    Manufacturer: Chevy
    Primary Sponsor: Allagash/Dewalt
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  13. at01

    at01 Well-Known Member

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    lake please one of my friends ok
    Name: John Rodriguez
    Number: 32
    Manufacturer: Chevrolet
    Team: Torres Racing
    Primary sponsor: McDonalds
  14. No1JGfan

    No1JGfan Well-Known Member

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    Dude c'mon this is twice now in 2 seasons that you've ignored posting rules. I made them for a reason. If you can't follow them I won't accept you or your friend's entry.
    "1" entry per user for now, until I open it up later. The reason I do that is so that it's fair for others or someone new who wants to join
  15. at01

    at01 Well-Known Member

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    What is happening I am doing the favor of a friend who is the OWNER of a monster jam tour in roblox I met him in 2016 and I put him on my team When he started in 2018 in the nationals and since then he is with me is the
  16. Skyline

    Skyline Graphic Designer Skyline Customs

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    Same thing as last season, sounds fun!

    Kevin Campbell
    Skyline Customs
    Eagle Motorsports
    Ford Mustang
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  17. thedude1987

    thedude1987 King of Pepsi, Racer, Family Man!

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    what he is saying is that he needs to be a member on this site to join in right now
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  18. AntCurtain

    AntCurtain Well-Known Member

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    Name: Anthony Curtain
    Number: 97
    Manufacturer: Chevrolet
    Team: Bleskachek Motorsports
    Sponsor: V-Moda
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  19. Chevellion

    Chevellion Former SRD Cup League Director

    Likes Received:
    Name: Kyle Missimer
    Number: 68
    Manufacturer: N/A
    Team: KM Racing
    Sponsor: Audio Technica
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  20. Tim2488

    Tim2488 Everything Bacon.

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    I'll be back definitely

    Driver: Tim Kunkel
    Number: 1
    Sponsor: TBA
    Make: Chevy
    Team: B&T Motorsports
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