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The 2018 Nascar Rheem Pro Series

Discussion in 'Showroom' started by burtonbraves, Feb 13, 2018 at 11:58 PM.

  1. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Well...howdy folks. It's your friendly neighborhood set maker, back with another project I've started!

    As most of you know, I have the Nascar Alternate Universe sets, and I just finished the Cup series for this season. I've also done the Trucks and Xfinity set for 2017, and they will be transferred to 2018 standards later this season, but for now, this is most recent series to begin operation here in the Alternate Universe.

    The Nascar Rheem Pro Series is the feeder series for the top 3 tiers of Nascar. The field is made up of upcoming stars, scrappy short trackers who just love to race, hoping to maybe impress a wandering eye, and the guys who are just here because the paycheck is nice, and it allows them to pursue their passion in some way. This field is a mix of the real life ARCA Racing Series, and the K&N Pro Series. These cars race on primarily short tracks on their 20 or so race schedule, but also visit tracks like Daytona, Talladega, Kentucky, Indianapolis, and Pocono. The field usually hovers around 20-25 cars, mixed between single car teams, and a couple teams fielded for development with big teams.

    This series uses brand new composite bodies, based on the Cup cars from 2013-2014. The series allows the running of Ford, Chevy, and Toyota.

    Credits for this set go to the likes of; The Bullring, BER, Alan H., Masgrafx, SRD, Iceman, Google, and others.

    I hope you all enjoy viewing these! I have 20 cars on the roster at the moment, and will potentially add a few as we go on.

    Here is the official series logo.

    Menards will also serve as a full time supporter of the series, sponsoring the pole award for this season.

    Here is our first driver ready for reveal!

    The 24 year old Reese Petraus, from Dodge City, KS will drive the #95 Toyota this season. He drives for the two car team from St. Louis, MO; Alpha Beta Racing. ABR has a decent budget, they don't have the full resources needed to run for the win every week, but top 10s should be aplenty for each of these drivers. Reese specializes on dirt, and has some asphalt experience, but is looking forward to his first full year behind the wheel of a full on stock car on some of the country's biggest tracks.

    Reese Petraus will drive the #95 Merit Pro Toyota in 2018.

    Our next driver runs for his own team out of Scranton, PA. Jack Carlson is a 27 year old and has loved racing for as long as he can remember. He doesn't have the funding to compete for wins in the slightest, and will be fortunate to score a top 10 during the season, but he's out there to have fun. He's scraped together sponsorship for the year through various businesses around his region of Northeastern PA.

    Dickson City, PA based company Mr. Mulch will be the primary sponsor on the #15 Chevy of Jack Carlson this season.

    And lastly for this bunch, we have a guy who we expect to compete for wins and top 5s throughout the season. Traine O'Toole is a 20 year old from Sun Valley, ID. He drives for RV Racing, owned by Cup veteran Rick Vancovsky, also from Sun Valley. O'Toole has been doing a solid job on the short tracks in the Northwest, and caught the attention of Vancovsky. He will field a competitive Ford team this season, with resources being supplied in part from Vancovsky's Cup team Long Haul Racing. The 20 year old is looking forward to running the full season in the #33 Fusion, and hopes to impress his team owner, and any other watching eyes.

    Ritchie Brothers Auctions will be on board the #33 Ford this season for the young gun.

    Thanks for looking! More to come soon! I'm excited to start this new project, and eager to see how I can do some underfunded and low budget type rides, along with the regular sponsored cars.
  2. InsideLine

    InsideLine Well-Known Member

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    Damn! Do You ever sleep and eat?! Lol
  3. j.j_yeley

    j.j_yeley Well-Known Member

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    One amazing project after another! I can't wait to see the schemes you produce with this series!
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  4. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    I do sleep...some...and I do eat...some...haha. Nah but I appreciate it guys!

    Next few are ready for reveal.

    Here we have the second car for Alpha Beta Racing. 33 year old Paul Randolph from Tulsa, OK has been around the track for almost 2 decades now. He started racing on the midwest dirt tracks when he was just 14 years old, and proved that his talent was natural from the get-go. Moving to asphalt back in 2012, he quickly adapted to that as well, winning races throughout the midwest on both dirt and pavement. He has raced all types of cars, including late models, midgets, modifieds, and now his newest endeavor, stock cars. The Oklahoma native is looking forward to the new challenge, and is hoping to prove yet again he has what it takes to race up front.

    BiRite Foodservice will be on the #85 Toyota this season for Randolph.

    Next up we have 2 cars racing under the banner for now retired Cup veteran, Dean Warren. You may remember Warren in the bright orange #73 for the past couple years for Keystone Motorsports. Unfortunately after a couple of poor seasons, the team shut down the third car and Warren was out of a seat. Although he was only 38 years young, he retired from full time competition, and has opened a NRPS team. They will field Fords this season with full sponsorship and adequate engines under the hood. I wouldn't be surprised to see either of these cars pull into victory lane at some point this year.

    The first driver, will be Dean Warren's 16 year old daughter, Sydney. Often remarked upon as being the "quickest chick in the East", she has competed in some of the biggest races in her short career. She finished top 5 in both the Winchester 400, and the Snowball Derby. A lot of eyes will be on Warren this season, as she begins her rookie season behind the wheel of her father's famed #73 car. The Warrens hail from Lancaster, PA, and Dean Warren Motorsports is headquartered in Pottsville, PA. They actually operate out of the Keystone Motorsports shop, and hope to learn some things to possibly translate to the struggling Cup team from Pennsylvania.

    Dean Warren's longtime sponsor JLG Lift Equipment is excited to begin a new chapter with the next racing member of the Warren family, and will be on the #73 Ford Fusion this year. Attempting to stray from the path and embrace the future, this car will feature the new technique used with some Nascar teams, in which they will have the side dedicated to the scheme and sponsor, and will have the number on the quarter panel. With it's flashy orange color and promising young rookie, the #73 will be on of the most watched cars this season.

    The second car for DWM will be driven by 21 year old Evan Rooney. Rooney is an experienced short tracker in Northeast PA, and has been a "protege" of sorts to Dean Warren for a few years now. Warren was once one of the absolute best short track racers in the country (its often argued he still is). And Rooney finds himself very lucky to be learning from one of the best there is. Although he has very limited stock car experience, he is known to adapt very quickly and embraces new challenges as well as one can. We will see how his 2018 fares, as this will be the toughest challenge yet. He has never been on a track more than .75 miles, so heading to tracks like Daytona and Talladega is going to be very interesting for the 21 year old from Allentown, PA.

    Power equipment giant Stihl will sponsor Rooney in the #67 during his maiden voyage, and is also looking forward to continue their relationship with Dean Warren, who they have been with off and on for about 10 years.

    Lastly for this little update, we have the first of 2 entries for Xcite Motorsports, a Chevy team from Charlotte, NC. Carl Rinne is a 22 year old from Torrington, WY and has been lighting it up on the west coast. He has attracted the attention of Xcite Motorsports owner Chuck Palmerio, who has agreed to put him in one of his new cars for the 2018 season. With about 4 years of experience, Rinne got a late start on his career, but that doesn't mean he won't be a threat this season. He has access to one of the best racing simulators you can test in, and has been doing so for the past 5 or 6 months preparing for this new adventure. The 22 year old brings along solid sponsorship, and is expected to put his Chevy in victory lane at least once this season.

    Gree Cooling Products has been sponsor the Wyoming native for a couple years now, and is excited to jump on board the #74 car this season.

    Thanks for looking! More coming soon!
  5. Junebugrocks88

    Junebugrocks88 The Wanderer of Sim Racing

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    Great job on these.
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  6. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Next up we have 2 of the 3 entries for a team that has been fluctuating in terms of open rides and active teams. Midwest Motorsports, based out of Indianapolis, IN started out 2016 with 3 full time Cup teams. Unfortunately, the past couple seasons didn't treat the team too well, and 2 of the 3 teams have closed down. They still operate the #26 Toyota of Jason Monahan in Cup and the Truck Series, as well as the #34 of Leah Martinez in Trucks. This year though they are starting at the bottom in much better shape for the debut year of the Nascar Rheem Pro Series. They will run 3 fully sponsored Toyota Camrys, and are looking forward to having a great year.

    The first driver we have is a guy who ran in Cup in 2016, and a partial schedule in 2017 before his team closed down. Terrence Spinelli is a 38 year old from Chicago, IL, and after a rough go of it in Cup, he's moving to a level more suited for his abilities. He will run the full season in the #46 car and hopes to show his Nascar career isn't a total wash.

    Stevens Transport, Spinelli's devoted sponsor will join him again in 2018.

    Next up we have a driver who's looking to just get some seat time this season. Jacki Monahan is a 27 year old from Des Moines, IA, and is married to partial team owner, and Cup driver Jason Monahan. Jacki has been racing in the midwest a lot the past couple of years, and has improved on her skill a lot. This year will be the true test though, as she's strapping into a stock car on some of the biggest tracks in the country. She also has a fun bet with her husband, and if she wins a race this year, he will allow her run part time in trucks either this year or next in the #26.

    Maradyne High Performance Fans will sponsor the #62 this season, and is looking forward to their first experience as a primary sponsor.

    And lastly for this update, we have the younger brother of a rookie in Cup. Wes Masterson scored a Cup seat over the offseason with Harrison Motorsports, and in doing so, he convinced the team owner to give his younger brother, Tyler, a shot behind the wheel. Tyler is a 17 year old from Phoenix, AZ, and has been impressing in his limited starts on asphalt. He has snagged a full time sponsor for the season, and is looking forward to showing that Wes isn't the only talented racer in the Masterson family.

    Marathon Oil Company will sponsor the 17 year old in his debut season in the #42 Chevy.
  7. DunnLaP24

    DunnLaP24 Member

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    That Marathon car...


    Awesome paints as always!
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