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USORL Online Racing

Discussion in 'Online Racing' started by DanAsher26, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. DanAsher26

    DanAsher26 Well-Known Member Admin

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    The United States Online Racing League (USORL) is a racing league for members of all skill. Racing three series across three nights, we allow for drivers to show off their skill in both open and fixed setup races. The league has undergone an ownership change and is undergoing an image change. If you're looking for a place to have fun, or to make some new friends, to challenge yourself, and to race with a group of drivers with skill so vast you are bound to find someone to compete against each week. We just wrapped up our second season of the Cup series.

    USORL Cup Series:
    Open setup
    Saturday nights
    Server opening time is TBA (somewhere between 9-9:30PM)
    Starts November 11th
    Mod - MENCS Beta Mod

    USORL ARCA Series:
    Fixed setup
    Friday nights
    Server opens at 9:30PM ET
    Currently running
    Mod - Mixture of ARCA Gen 6 and ARCA Racing Mod V3

    USORL Truck/Xfinity Series
    Fixed Setup
    Sunday nights
    Server opens at 9:45PM ET
    Trucks currently running
    Mods - CWTS15 - NXS17

    During off seasons for series such as ARCA, shorter series will take there place. For example, a ten race short track challenge season will be ran shortly after the current season of ARCA wraps up. We also have a rally cross series in the works. So, if you’re interested in a relatively new online league that’s bound to give you tons of fun and challenges, come join the USORL.

    Discord is required to be in the league. If you're interested in joining, or have any questions, PM DanAsher26.

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