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What's the Deal With NNRacing?

Discussion in 'NR2003 General Discussion' started by Brandon Nicholson, May 10, 2019.

  1. Brandon Nicholson

    Brandon Nicholson New Member

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    As far as I've heard, the owner Alex is MIA, and after the unfortunate passing of WoofGM, there's nobody left to moderate the site. There's no way to donate, so I think it's still surviving from the traffic on the site. Does this mean the site's subject to down at any moment? Hate to speculate stuff like this just wondering if anyone has any more info on the subject.
  2. racestarstud

    racestarstud Well-Known Member

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    Unfortunately I couldn't tell you. I will mention though that I see new content added by staff members like Italo so someone's still active on there. It's possible someone like him is paying for it behind the scenes. But there's never any new news posted over there unless we're on that staff it's hard to know what's going on over there.
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