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FAQ's of iRacing

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FAQ for iRacing
1.) What licenses are available?

Rookie License
D License
C License
B License
A License
Pro License

2.) How long will it take for me to be able to race the vehicle I desire?

D License - 4 Weeks
C License - 16 Weeks
B License - 28 Weeks
A License - 40 Weeks

3.) Can I race up to a higher license than I currently have?

Yes, you can race up one license level if you have a 4.0 or higher safety rating.

4.) How does the safety rating work and what types of incidents can be incurred?

The safety rating is a no fault system that penalizes drivers for incidents that can impede one's own progress or the progress of another driver.

0X - Minimal contact with a wall or another car.
1X - The centerline of your car or more off of the racing surface.
2X - A loss of control occuring when your car spins to a certain angle.
4X - Hard car contact resulting in substantial damage.

5.) Are penalties incurred if your actions result in an incident for another driver.

Yes, the penalty system does not attemp to assing any blame. If you bump a car resulting in a 0X and the hit car spins or hits a wall you will recieve the same incident that the wrecked driver incurred, but only if the incidents happen within 5 seconds. This can also result you receiving unfair incidents if you receive a 0X and then the driver gets in an incident which is not caused by your 0X, but they are few and far between.

6.) What is required for me to move up to another license?

A 3.0 Safety Rating is required to advance up to another license, as well as 4 time trials or 4 races. A Minimum Participation Requirement is included on the Member's Page to indiciate whether you will be promoted when the new season begins.

7.) Can you be demoted a license if your safety rating is too low?

Yes, if you have a safety rating under 2.0 you will be demoted one license level. You can not be demoted back to a Rookie license.

8.) Does my safety rating on road or oval effect the other?

Yes, but to a minimal degree. You will mostly see .01 - .05 increases/decreases for large increases/decreases in the other category.

9.) Do I have to purchase all of the content to run a full championship?

No, you are not required to run a full season, but you only have to complete 8 races in a 12 race season. Your worst weeks of races will be dropped if you run more than 8.

10.) Am I required to qualify prior to every race?

No, you don't have to qualify at all, but once you complete one qualifier your time will remain for the rest of the week. You can try to better your time at any time, and your quickest time will always be used.

11.) Can I run multiple races a week and if so, how will my points be handled?

You can run as many races a week as you want and your points will be averaged. Your worst half of your races will also be dropped.

1 Race - All points taken.
2 Races - Top race taken and worst race dropped..
3 Races - Top two averaged and botton one dropped.
4 Races - Top two averaged and bottom two dropped.
5 Races - Top three averaged and bottom two dropped.

12.) What is my ttRating and iRating?

As a Rookie you will not be able to see either rating, but it is still being calculated. Your iRating groups you into races with similarly skilled drivers. Usually, if you finish in the top half of the field you will gain iRating and if you finish in the bottom half you will lose iRating. All Rookies begin with a 1600 iRating and ttRating. iRating is all zero-sum. To gain iRating someone must lose the same amount of iRating. The average of all iRacers will always be 1600. The ttRating is extremely complex and has no real benefits at this time.

13.) If I do not renew what will happen to my account?

You will not be able to use your purchased content, but if you do decide to renew all of your cars, tracks, stats, and licenses will be available again.

14.) Must I complete both oval and road racing licenses to advance?

No, you can continue on either course without needing the other. If you desire you can advance up to A in one license, while remaing a Rookie in the other.

15.) Do all official sessions effect safety rating?

Safety rating is effected differently in each type of session. Open practice sessions do not effect your safety rating at all. Time trials are weighted X.35 of what a race is. Qualifying is weighted X.50 of a race, and races are weighted in X1. This means the quickest way to gain safety rating is to complete races, followed by qualifying, then time trialing.

16.) How is your safety rating determined?

Safety rating is calculated based on your number of corners completed per incident (CPI). Each oval is either 2 or 4 corners based on its length. Road courses vary. The higher your CPI the higher your safety rating. This resembles the LPI in NR2003, but is now a simple number on your license, which dictates at what level you can race.

17.) Is the safety rating the same across all licenses?

No, a 3.0 Rookie is lower than a 3.0 D. The difference per license is usually about 1 full number. If you graduate with a 3.0 you can expect to drop 1 point to 2.0 when you graduate. If you are a 4.0 Rookie you are equivalent to a 3.0 D or a 2.0 C license. As you continue you must increase your CPI to be able to advance to higher cars.

18.) Is there a bonus as you increase your safety rating?

Yes, everytime you pass a whole number will you gain .40 to your safety rating. Once your reach 3.0 you will automatically move to 3.4. If you fall below a whole number you will also lose the .40. Falling under 3.0 will result in an immediate drop to 2.6. The reason for the boost is to prevent those who buy content to race new series immediately will not instantly fall under the 3.0 or 4.0 threshold with one bad race.

19.) What are clubs?

Everyone is placed into clubs based on their geographical location. Under the main forums are your club forums where you can meet new drivers, share setups, and help new drivers to progress. Hopefully, you will meet new people and learn a thing or two from drivers in your area. Clubs also compete against one another with points, which the top 50% of drivers from each club acquire. Winning clubs can advance to the World Cup of iRacing.

20.) What is the Pro Series.

The Pro Series is the elite group of drivers who will compete for prizes. The races will be broadcast for all interested viewers to watch. Eligibility is dictated by 70% of your iRating and 30% of your safety rating. The top 250 drivers from road and oval based on iRating/Safety Rating will compete in the Pro Series races, which will be held for 39 weeks, including 8 drop weeks.

21.) Must I have an active subscription to receive a promotion at the end of the season?

No, as long as you complete the Minimum Participation Requirements prior to the time when your subscription goes inactive than you will still receive a promotion at the end of the season.

22.) How can I find out if I have completed the Minimum Participation Requirement's for promotion?

To find out your current status for requirements hover your mouse over the MPR logo next to the licenses on the Member's Home Page. It will tell you how many races or time trials you have completed and whether your safety rating is high enough to allow for your promotion.

23.) What must I do after the completion of a race?
There is no official procedure to your actions after a race, but the following are some general ideas and procedures. After a race you can park your car wherever you prefer on the track, as long as you do not suddenly slow your car in a hazardous way. Waiting until others have stopped before pulling off the track is a good way to avoid incidents. Returning to pit lane is the safest way to exit your car. There is no victory scene and doing a burnout or donut, while others have not completed the race will still result in incident points being tallied.

24.) How are starts/restarts handled?
The following only applies to ovals. The Sporting Code does have guidelines in place for starts. It states that the race begins once the green lights appear, but it is generally accepted that the leader may start the race once the pace car has pulled off to pit road. Restarts are much like the initial start of a race. You may wait until the green is given or the leader may initiate the start. Stacking up the field or erratic behavior on a start may be deemed as avoidable contact if a wreck were to occur. Those actions may be deemed protestable by the Chief Steward.

*Hopefully, I'll be able to add any questions I can and update it as any information may change or I find any errors. Hope it helps someone who may be interested.

iRacing Class Requirements​

Rookie Legend - Rookie License
Advanced Legends - Rookie 3.0SR
Late Models - Rookie 4.0SR / D License
SK Modifieds - Rookie 4.0SR / D License
Chevy Silverado - D 4.0 SR / C License
Silver Crown - C 4.0 SR / B License
Chevy Impala SS B - C 4.0SR / B License
Chevy Impala SS - B 4.0SR / A License

Pontiac Solstice - Rookie License
Spec Racer Ford - Rookie 3.0SR
Skip Barber - Rookie 4.0SR / D License
VW Jetta Tdi - Rookie 4.0SR / D License
Star Mazda - D 4.0SR / C License
Radical SR8 - C 4.0SR / B License
Lotus '79 F1 - C 4.0SR / B License
Daytona Prototype - B 4.oSR / A License

Drop Races - Points System
1 Race - Points taken towards championship
2 Races - Worst race dropped and your best result counts to the championship.
3 Races - Worst race dropped and best two results are averaged to championship.
4 Races - Worst two races dropped and best two averaged to championship.
5 Races - Worst two races dropped and best three averaged to championship.
6 Races - Worst three races dropped and best three averaged to championship.
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Great FAQ!

Can we add vehicle class requirement to the FAQ?


Legends - Rookie
Advance Legends - Rookie 3.00
Late Model - Rookie 4.00
Chevy Silverado - Class D 4.00
Chevy Impala - Class C 4.00
Chevy Impala SS Cup - Class B 4.00


Solstice - Rookie
SPEC Racer Ford - Rookie 3.00
Skip Barber - Rookie 4.00
Star Mazda - Class D 4.00
Radical Racing - Class C 4.00
Riley Prototype - Class B 4.00


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thought of one to add. many people dont know that iRacing is strictly manual transmissions, meaning you need to shift every race. i think that might help out some people when thinking about buying new wheel and pedal sets for iRacing.


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is there assists in IRacing like there is in nr2003? Such as auto clutch? maybe some steering assistance for newbs like myself?

Janitor Dave

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is there assists in IRacing like there is in nr2003? Such as auto clutch? maybe some steering assistance for newbs like myself?

Steering assist, no. Auto clutch, yes. There is also throttle assistance and braking assistance (both of which are only available in the rookie cars as far as I know)

In the future, please do not bump two-year old topics. A new topic would have been fine for this question.
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